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U.S. Department of State: Vietnam to achieve its commitment to the responsibility of expanding nuclear energy

U.S. Department of State: Vietnam to achieve its commitment to the responsibility of expanding nuclear energy

(Vietnamese version) issued in the March 30 announcement, look the U.S. Department of State Office spokesman stressed that Vietnam and the United States and other international partners to achieve specific steps has the responsibility to expand its nuclear commitments.

A notice issued by the United States and Vietnam reaffirmed that the responsibility to expand nuclear energy in accordance with the commitment to achieve nuclear safety and to maximize the proliferation of nuclear weapons to minimize the risk manner.

U.S. Department of State said that the Vietnamese Minister of Science and Li Ting Jin (Le Dinh
Tien), treat and the greater the U.S. to Michael
W. Michalak representing the two governments in
30, no rx signed in Hanoi, "Vietnam-US nuclear energy cooperation memorandum," the two countries strengthen human resources development, infrastructure construction, nuclear safety, nuclear fuel development, radioactive waste fuel and create conditions for cooperation.

Day at the United Nations Disarmament Commission (UNDC) at its annual meeting speech, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Secretary for International Organizations Fan Rongguang said Vietnam fully supports the disarmament, non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. Will improve the "Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty" effect as to promote disarmament, non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and the best way to use peaceful nuclear energy. Vietnam committed to in accordance with the "Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty" provides the full implementation of their obligations and responsibilities.

Korea and India and other 16 countries recourse to the heritage of the West

Korea and India and other 16 countries recourse to the heritage of the West

In the past by colonial rule or during the war by his country decided to plunder the national cultural heritage of the loss of heritage in the field of recourse for international cooperation.

Egypt, tadalafil Greece, Italy, Korea, China, India and other local government representatives in 16 countries on April 7 to 8, held in Cairo Opera House "cultural heritage protection and recourse to international cooperation in the meeting" and decided to strengthen the recourse to the loss of heritage multilateral cooperation, formation of an international consensus.

Countries to participate in the meeting decided to establish a common list of priority countries in hope of recourse of the ancient heritage, and thus a restitution claim. President of the Conference of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities Secretary-General Zha Xi - Havas (Zahi
Hawass) said: "there are seven countries have submitted the list of priority heritage recourse, other countries will return home for consultations, to submit the list within one month."

South Korea will be stored in the French National Library books and collections of foreign Kuizhang Court Imperial Household Agency of Japan to include information on the Korean royal books recourse priority list. South Korean delegation head, head of international exchange of cultural heritage hall I
Gyeong-hun, said: "These two cultural heritage is being plundered by a foreign force representative Korean heritage, we are positive that South Korea is at the loss of heritage for the efforts of recourse."

Host, Egypt will include five priority recourse heritage list, including possession of a new museum in Berlin Nafeititi queen bust, possession of the British Museum in London, the Rosetta Stone, hidden in the Egyptian Museum in Turin, Apollo God of the Colossus, etc.. Greece will be carved murals (or Elgin Marbles) included in the recovery list. The sculpture is a 19th century fresco, Elgin, British ambassador to Greece, the Acropolis in Athens, the Parthenon (Parthenon
Temple), after cutting, to get to Britain.

The international conference is not legally binding, and because Japan, Britain, France, Germany, the countries did not attend the looting of cultural heritage, its effectiveness is limited. But it has been in the international community and go it alone for the recovery of a victim of official heritage together, it is of great significance.

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