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President of Poland, the Polish military and political leaders led to plane crash victims

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President of Poland, the Polish military and political leaders led to plane crash victims

Polish President's airplane crash led government, and military heads of the Polish victims

Polish President's airplane crash led government, and military heads of the Polish victims

Russia's Emergencies Ministry spokesman said yesterday that information, according to the Department confirmed the number of Saturdays in the Smolensk aircraft crash in Poland, containing a total of 96.
The Department had previously said the plane was carrying 88 people, were killed in the accident.
Emergencies Ministry spokesman said: "According to the figures confirmed the plane 96 people, including 88 human members of the delegation."

Polish President's plan contains a government plane Saturday morning -154 Smolensk region in the Russian crash. Aircraft, including the President of Poland, including his wife and 132 senior government officials in the accident were all killed. Program led by Kaczynski of Poland to participate in commemoration of the official delegation to Katyn.

Polish President's airplane crash led government, and military heads of the Polish victims

Polish President's airplane crash led government, and military heads of the Polish victims

Polish President's airplane crash led government, and military heads of the Polish victims

Polish President's airplane crash led government, and military heads of the Polish victims

Polish President's airplane crash led government, and military heads of the Polish victims

Polish President's airplane crash led government, and military heads of the Polish victims

Korean sycophancy something absolutely matchless president said relations between South Korea over Japan-US

Korean sycophancy something absolutely matchless
Korea-China relations President said over the Japan-US

A bit nauseating, and Koreans also beat Ma Gongfu absolute envy ah. However, careful analysis of it, still a little mystery Oh, China's rising status of the planet knows, the most critical is the situation on the Korean Peninsula should be the master of the real China This is the Korean's clever!

Lee, "Korea-China relations have been catching the Korea-Japan, Korea-US relations"

Yonhap Shanghai on April 30 Xinhua 30, President Lee said: "The South Korean economy, Korean companies how to successfully enter the Chinese market is critical."

In order to attend the opening of the Shanghai World Expo President Lee to visit China, the same day in the Hai Lisi Carlton South Korea's economic circles at the luncheon, said: "Considering the present pace of China's economic development, trade and investment will be further expanded . "and made the above remarks.
He also said: "The Government, in order to solve the two companies for investment, cooperation occurs when the door problem, more efforts will be made."
Although the words are in principle stressed that the Government will actively support the enterprises, but considering he was recently instructed to speed up FTA talks in South Korea once again stressed that the Chinese market, impressive.

It is learned that day to participate in the luncheon of the economists most of that in China - ASEAN free trade agreement will be signed by the context, to enhance South Korean companies in the competitive, the need for early signing of free trade agreements in South Korea.
South Korean President Lee also emphasized the business strategy in China, said: "There are many changes in the Chinese market, how to adapt to change is also an important issue."
The Korea-China relations, he said: "Korea-China relations are being leaps and bounds. In the economic, trade, investment, Korea has already surpass the Korea-Japan relations, the ROK-US relationship." (End)

Korean sycophancy something absolutely matchless president said relations between South Korea over Japan-US

President Lee Myung-bak (Yonhap)

Japanese media said the Chinese survey vessels into the waters of the Diaoyu Islands to conduct operations

Japanese media said the Chinese survey vessels into the waters of the Diaoyu Islands to conduct operations

Japan time (hereinafter the same) at 9 o'clock on the 31st around the 11th district of Japan Coast Guard Headquarters (located in Naha, Okinawa) aircraft found that Chinese oceanographic survey ship "Dong Fang Hong 2" (a displacement of 3235 tons) near the Diaoyu Islands " Japan's exclusive economic zone "navigation.
Japan said that China did not conduct a prior notification, issued a warning on the radio machine then submitted "exclusive economic zone without the Japanese side agreed not to allow scientific investigation." But the Chinese survey ship has not responded, to continue recovery operations such as orange cylindrical object. Chinese vessels to leave around 2:30 in the afternoon, "Japan's exclusive economic zone."
Chinese Foreign Ministry reiterated many times that of the Diaoyu islands in China has indisputable sovereignty over the hope that Japanese side of reality.

Careful analysis of Japan's defense will be commensurate with the navy's movement in China

careful analysis of Japan's defense will be commensurate with the navy's movement in China

[Overseas Chinese Web News] visit to India, Japan Defense Minister Kitazawa handsome on April 30 and Indian Defense Minister Antonio held talks in New Delhi, for the increasingly active in the waters surrounding Japan, the Chinese navy's movement, Kitazawa, said: " hope that good intelligence gathering and analysis. "matter for China's military spending continued to increase, both parties strongly demand that China's military transparency agreement.

Reported Kitazawa counterparts in talks to reporters after the disclosure, as China is expanding military, will consider the annual budget in 2011 included charges related to the investigation, as in the southwestern islands in preparation for the deployment of the GSDF. For the April 10 early Chinese naval ships sailing in waters near Okinotori, ship-borne helicopters had also close to the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force escort, Kitazawa said: "To urge the Chinese in the international community to take responsible action, which point is very important. "

The two sides also on the North Korean nuclear tests and expressed concern about the missile launches. 1 on defense each year to visit and other measures to strengthen defense exchanges confirmed. To combat piracy and transnational crime, the two sides also agreed to implement before the end of 2011 the Indian Navy's Maritime Self Defense Force and joint exercises. The visit was in August 2007 after the Defense Minister Yuriko Koike visited India again.

I ship to monitor Japan match "understandable"

Cheng Yonghua, Chinese ambassador criticized the Japanese Self-Defense Force 27 ships and patrol aircraft followed the practice of Chinese warships undermine mutual trust, Japanese Foreign Minister Mr. Okada 28 to respond. Japanese House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee in his Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force on the frigate sailing in coastal waters of Japan to monitor China's actions regarding the ship stressed: "keeping a distance to observe the situation does not violate the law, nothing wrong.".

Chinese naval ship-borne helicopter for the Self-Defense Force vessels close to the behavior, Okada stressed the need for the two countries agreed on how to prevent similar incidents from happening again. He said: "In order to set a reasonable distance, to avoid the accident to reach a consensus on such issues, communication between the two countries is very important."

China previously through diplomatic channels that the Chinese Navy ship-based helicopters, warships close to the behavior of the SDF is a warning and surveillance activities, the Japanese side to take the necessary defensive measures.

Japan concerned about China's military build up is necessary, said the continued presence of U.S. troops

Katsuya Okada, the Japanese foreign minister at a press conference the afternoon of the 27th U.S. Marine presence on Okinawa, said, "Considering the situation in the Korean peninsula and the military strength of China and other Asian countries increased, there 'alone can effectively respond to the current Self-Defense Forces 'limitations "that the need for continued U.S. military presence.

East China Sea are "allergic line"

Navigation in the East China Sea in Sino-Japanese fishery waters of the provisional measures, the majority of the sea really are Chinese fishing boats, cruise down a few days, journalists in the fishery board 201 with only seen one Korean longline fishing hairtail Japanese fishing vessels and a light purse seine vessels. Into the night, the Sino-Japanese provisional measure little fishing-boat fishing around the area, 201 boat captain Shi Dong said: "It's like walking the same road in Nanjing, the Chinese fishing boat on both sides of almost all the lights." Chun told reporters tree, 2009 fishery department permits provisional measures in the Sino-Japanese Fishery Agreement fishing waters have more than 18,000 Chinese fishing vessels, compared with 10 years ago, more than 20,000 vessels have been reduced some, you know the East China Sea Fisheries Administration Bureau within the jurisdiction of a total of more than 100,000 fishing boats. In contrast, the waters to Japan to provisional measures, but hundreds of fishing boats operating. Japan's apparently not really care about the East China Sea fishery resources, it took great efforts to keep a close eye is actually the jurisdiction of the waters.

It is understood that China and Japan on East China Sea there are differences between the concentration of claims on the continental shelf delimitation. China stands for in accordance with the principle of natural extension of continental divide, the continental shelf between China and Japan should be bounded by the Okinawa Trough. Japan advocate the use of the "middle line" to carry out demarcation of the East China Sea continental shelf, which has never been the international legal principles on the Continental Shelf. Despite the uncertain demarcation between the East China Sea, China has never recognized Japan's so-called "middle line", but Japan's own actions is almost always tightly that holds its "median line" idea. Red Stone Town, Taizhou former captain of a fishing village of Po Lin should be said that Japan seems to have longitude 125 degrees 30 minutes as the so-called "middle line", the Chinese fishing vessels fishing in the East China Sea, feeling particularly evident, as long as this line eastward across Japan aircraft, ships generally soon coming.

Turning to Japan's "allergic reaction", Taizhou fishery detachment Wu Junjie, deputy chief of detachment that many fishermen are reflected, obviously the Chinese fishing vessels are licensed to the provisional measures through the waters, and can be a little more than 125 degrees east longitude, Japan Coast Guard, Maritime Self Defense Force began to respond. Moreover, these Chinese fishing boats and fishermen, the Japanese Coast Guard ships and aircraft deployed to monitor is not too, and sometimes even dispatched the Coast Guard's ships and Self-Defense Force reconnaissance plane. Wu Junjie, said: "Recently, the Chinese Navy to exercise the high seas sailing side of Okinawa, Japan, nervous mess, if China is so sensitive, that Japan's Self-Defense Force warships, military aircraft operations every day, so in the disputed waters, China is it not every day something to say! "Lin Ying Bao said:" Our fishing boats to the location of a Japanese plane flew a few minutes, and is certainly a very advanced satellite surveillance to the area, Japan is really willing in this regard The ah! "Shi Dong said the captain, 201 ships in March and Japan are also fishing waters cruise provisional measures, have been open to 127 degrees east longitude near the results of Japan's movement particularly, Coast Guard, Maritime Self-Defense Forces are dispatched, naval surveillance plane circled low. In this regard, Tang Wensheng political commissar said, according to the Sino-Japanese fisheries agreement, with Chinese fishing boats in the waters of the provisional measures of production, the Chinese vessels over management of fishery as it should be, the Japanese did not need such a response.

Japan worried about the Chinese navy, "further and further away"

Japan, as an "Ocean State" of the country, on any security issues at sea are very sensitive, especially for neighbors of China's naval activities, always maintain a high degree of attention, and according to the Chinese navy's every move, analyze and assess the Chinese Navy strength, strategy and future development.

In the eyes of the Japanese side, Chinese warships through the waters near Japan, not the first time. Japan's defense white paper in 2009 on the claim that "in Japan's coastal waters, except in November 2004 a Chinese nuclear submarine in Japanese territorial waters in violation of international law and sail, it'll also see some implementation of the training mission and intelligence gathering activities of Chinese naval vessels, and the implementation of the marine survey in Japan's exclusive economic zone of China Navy ships and government ships. in September 2005, Maritime Self Defense Force P-3C reconnaissance aircraft also the East China Sea oil and gas fields of wood Jian (Chinese saying that 'broken bridge'), including one near the waters Sovremenny-class destroyers, including five Chinese naval vessels. October 2008, Chinese total of four destroyers and other ships sailed the Pacific Ocean through the Tsugaru Strait. In addition, in November, the latest model 'Shijiazhuang' destroyer, etc. 4 Navy ships through Okinawa Miyako Island and sailed the waters between the islands of the Pacific. Dec. 2 in China took place in the marine research vessel in the Senkaku Islands (Diaoyu Islands in China that is) contrary to international law in our territorial waters near the sailing events . "

According to the national defense white paper and some Japanese media reports, Japan, the overall strength of the Chinese navy's general assessment: China's Navy a total of about 890 ships (including submarines, about 60), totaling about 1.32 million tonnes. China's naval modernization introduced from Russia, "Kilo" class submarines, also made a positive construction of new submarines, submarines in order to enhance combat effectiveness. China is also equipped with more powerful air defense and anti-ship capabilities of surface ships, and better landing craft and supply ships. China's major medical ship, also in October 2008 in service. With the Chinese navy's modernization, China will have in the more distant waters in combat tasks.

Chinese naval capabilities is the ocean most attention in Japan. On April 25 this year, the Japanese "Yomiuri Shimbun" published a paper entitled "Chinese Navy gradually shifted offshore-type" analysis of the article said, "recent voyage activity is in line with the building of aircraft carriers and other equipment to conduct the training. Can be expected With China Naval Operations capabilities, their training will be increasingly active. "Some Japanese media also worried that with increased activity of the Chinese navy ocean, the sea between China and Japan are likely to intensify the friction.

Okada also stressed that the existence of U.S. Marines in Okinawa to inhibit regional disputes, saying that "in case of emergency, the rescue will depend on the Japanese marines."

Source: Kyodo News