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Hu Jintao: RMB exchange reform does not yield to external pressure

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Hu Jintao: RMB exchange reform does not yield to external pressure

Hu Jintao: RMB exchange reform does not yield to external pressure

April 12, at the nuclear security summit meeting with President Hu Jintao in Washington, U.S. President Barack Obama. Xinhua News Agency map

Central Evaluation Agency Beijing April 13 / Xinhua 12, Chinese President Hu Jintao met with U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington stressed that the Chinese side to promote the reform of RMB exchange rate formation mechanism of the direction of firm. This is based on China's own economic and social development. Specific reform measures need to develop the world's economic situation changes and China's overall economic performance to be considered. In particular, external pressure will not be advancing.

In response, Obama responded by saying the United States believes that a prosperous China is good not only for China, the United States is good, also good for the whole world. RMB exchange rate issue, the U.S. respects the sovereignty of China hopes the two sides through dialogue and cooperation for the solution to the problem.

Hu Jintao pointed out that the RMB appreciation not only solve the problem of Sino-US trade imbalance, but also solve the employment problem of the United States. China's trade surplus with the United States has no intention to seek willing to take further measures to increase imports from the United States to promote bilateral trade balance. China hopes the United States efforts to expand exports to China, in particular, hope that the U.S. high-tech products to China as soon as possible to relax the export restrictions. Hoped that both sides equal consultations to properly handle trade frictions between the two countries to jointly safeguard the overall situation of Sino-US trade and economic cooperation.

Hu said Sino-US economic and trade relations are an important part of Sino-US relations. Promote healthy and stable development of Sino-US economic and trade relations for China, good for the United States, good for the world economy also benefit. At present, the further recovery of the world economy is in a critical moment, still faces many uncertainties facing the United States are to promote economic growth, increase employment and changes in the way of economic development challenge. In this context, the United States should strengthen cooperation to jointly maintain stability of the international economic and financial situation.

Obama warm welcome to President Hu Jintao invited to attend the nuclear safety summit in Washington. He said that at present, the whole world is concerned about the development of Sino-US relations. US-China cooperation and partnership, not only for the two sides benefit, and benefit the whole world.

Obama said that with joint efforts, the United States and established a strong relationship. The United States is willing, through strategic and economic dialogue and the Group of 20 bilateral and multilateral dialogue and cooperation, the establishment of stronger bilateral relations. Climate change, counter-terrorism, nonproliferation and other multilateral issues, the United States hopes to strengthen cooperation with China to jointly seek solutions. He offered in the coming years is committed to developing bilateral relations and make it more robust.

Obama reiterated that the U.S. continue to adhere to the one-China policy and respects China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, respect China's core interests, will carefully handle sensitive issues.

He said the U.S. believes that a prosperous China is good not only for China, the United States is good, also good for the whole world. The United States and the Group of 20 should be adopted within the framework of cooperation to promote balanced development of world economy. RMB exchange rate issue, the U.S. respects the sovereignty of China hopes the two sides through dialogue and cooperation for the solution to the problem.

On the Iranian nuclear issue, Obama said the United States hopes Iran through diplomatic and peaceful solution to the nuclear issue, China hopes to strengthen cooperation in this regard.

Hu said Sino-US nuclear issue in Iran is consistent with the overall goal. China has always committed to safeguarding the international non-proliferation regime and peace and stability in the Middle East. China is ready to the United States and other parties in six countries, UN and other sources continue to maintain communication and coordination with relevant parties to continue a serious in-depth discussion.

Ling Jihua, Wang Huning, Dai attended the meeting.

U.S. CSIS-USC project started studying Korean Peninsula

U.S. CSIS-USC project started studying Korean Peninsula

Yonhap Washington, order March 3 power
U.S. think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and the Korean Ministry of University of Southern California (USC) Institute of Korea 2, sick said the two organizations will begin joint research with the theme of unity of the Korean Peninsula, site "South Korean project."
The research project will be the Korea Foundation (Korea
Foundation) to provide support.

CSIS said: "The existing research and more after the collapse of the Korean system of short-term emergency measures for the object, and this project will be long-term political, economic, and human security (human
security) is subject to more systematic research and analysis. "

CSIS and USC will be national, regional and international position of the problem, from the political and technical level for the answer.

The project leader, professor at the University of Georgia Witte car, said: "Previous research by the military experts over the crisis on the Korean Peninsula, or emergency situation, analyze or propose a solution, but for a unified long-term situation (scenario) of also very important. "

He added: "Government does not have the time or leisure to think of the long-term responses." "Through the project will be conducted in this area. At the same time of unification of Korea, East Asia, the U.S. will affect the opportunities and benefits . "

What a shame: more than 70 "descendants of Li Bai," court fight for ancestral property

a shame:

70 more "descendants of Li Bai," court fight for ancestral property

What a shame: more than 70

Lee sitting on the dock were the representatives of Thailand and the five descendants room.

What a shame: more than 70

Tao Zeru famous actor brother, Tao Tao Ze-time as a family representative to speak in court.

[Overseas Chinese Web News], "" descendants of Li Bai "Nanjing behind a house as much heir to more than 70." January 23 this year, Nanjing Yangzi Evening News published Xiaguan District Court accepted among the members of the Lee family of cases family property. The case has more than 70 parties, is the founding of New China in Nanjing the largest in history, across the age of the oldest property inheritance cases, together with descendants of the family members suspected of Li Bai, which also includes well-known actor in Nanjing Ji Tao Zeru , caused no small concern. Yesterday, Nanjing Shimonoseki formal court hearing of the case. When the property involved in the specific share of the inheritance, the party in a heated argument inside the court. That there was no decision in court. Judge tells reporters that in addition to the normal order of succession of the case but also includes subrogation inheritance, inheritance, transfer the legal successor of the special circumstances of the case called statutory succession class textbook.

Patrimony is facing demolition

Future generations will share in court

The clan's ancestors name is Li are Thailand, 100 years ago came from Anhui Province, Nanjing, after some hard work, a "Shimonoseki richest man." The next three years on wen a property under the relevant home. Today, this office is located in a century now Rehe Road, Lane 103, old one, is facing demolition. Relocation Compensation issues surrounding the distribution of Li are the descendants of Thailand convened a meeting of seven or eight times the whole family, did not reach a consensus. After internal consultation fails, the large family had to go to court to seek a just ruling. However, when the plaintiff who does? Finally, the most controversial fifth house Yun-Sheng Li a posterity on a play this role because Lee family about a mother that is not illegitimate, but a daughter.

At first, on more than one family reported that 20 members of Shimonoseki after the court accepted the case, reviewed the family's genealogy and found that both Thailand and multiplied by the Lee's descendants as many as 130 dozen of them, except the deceased, inheritance rights under the law were 50 people. So, it was with more than 50 additional defendant, the defendant made a total of 70 people. This year on January 21, Shimonoseki family court specifically convened a coordination meeting opened, the family name and identity were confirmed. Nanjing Ji Tao Zeru famous actors also appear in the successor list. Tao Zeru is the granddaughter of a long room Liyun Xin Li Fenying the son of Lee Kwan-tai's fifth-generation descendants. After this coordination, the Court then went to Shimonoseki Jiangxi, Hubei, Henan and other places, found the last part did not find the descendants of the five rooms.

Fierce court fight

Proposed two schemes

Yesterday's court hearing related to the share of distribution because of the substantive issues, so the atmosphere is tense than the last time many of Coordination. 72 inheritance of Lee descendants from Shandong, Hubei, Hainan, Jiangsu, Nanjing, Zhangjiagang and other places arrived, pulled out a lot of family rivalry in the final property of the estate to share issues. A variety of Lee descendants distribution scheme, but the word, there are two main options. One is divided into 75, that is, according to the room when the socialist transformation in 1958 have documented the lives of 75 people, evenly distributed. Because the socialist transformation is a movement caused by the fact that its legal effect determined in the existence of a large number of uncertainties and controversial, so basically this program was rejected.

Another view is that the implementation of the "5 +1" points system, which is in accordance with the "five-room" + "long-room Sun" sub-laws, each one-sixth. The so-called "five rooms", is the relationship between these parties in accordance with blood, were classified into five son of Lee Kwan Thai pedigree, the various representatives receive a copy back to the room later in-house re-distributed. The reason that they should long room Sun singled out because of their contribution to the family of large, long room to get her grandson in one-sixth, after all, but also once again participate in the long room within one-sixth share of the allocation .

Some dispute that share

Someone Zhengkou Qi

At present, the parties tend to "5 +1" distribution model. However, in this mode, there are still two major contradictions. First, the "long room Sun" concept locked. Some people think that "long-room Sun" refers to Lee Kwan-tai great grandchildren, and some people think, "long room" is Lee Kwan-tai's eldest son, Li Yunxin, "Sun" is Li Yunxin great grandson is Lee Kwan-tai's great great-grandchildren. Understanding of this concept is different from the distribution will greatly affect the relocation fee. Another contradiction is the five-room, in the case of the plaintiff, which owned about a room. For the five-room one-sixth share of share, on a no comment, but on a view that, in this one-sixth share in which they should account for 90% of the remaining 10%, and then get it a room to distribute among the other members.

On the idea of a family member has been fierce opposition from many family members that, regardless of whether an illegitimate about their inheritance rights are secure, they did not let his inheritance, but 90% required on a succession too far, He should not have such a large share. On the one end and the family members had a falling out, the two sides even know about the "five old woman buried in any place" this problem. The reporters found that both the long struggle between the concept of house Sun, or about one in five house members of the share attributable to, in fact, will not affect two bed, three bedrooms, four bedrooms of their fair share, but a few rooms in some of the people also involved in a dispute among some family members said that this time they dispute is not property, but rather compete in the breath, in order to be fair. "As long as fair and square points as we can not have no complaints, if not fair, less half of the square we do not agree."