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Zhejiang Industry and Commerce: Toyota asked for compensation according to U.S. standards

Zhejiang Industry and Commerce: Toyota asked for compensation according to U.S. standards

"Chinese consumers and foreign consumers should enjoy the same consumption of dignity." Yesterday, Secretary for Commerce, Zhejiang Province, Zheng Yumin said firmly, and the Toyota broadside spot on the Chinese consumer, "the same car with different fate" serious discrimination.

Zheng also in the "issue of Automobile Consumer Rights cum Toyota car sales services will overestimate the" state of the table. Toyota on the uproar, "recalled the door", the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau and the Consumer Protection Committee yesterday, the first position and take the five responses, asked Toyota to recall as soon as a clear timetable for the owner to compensate the losses caused.

Toyota should take the initiative to visit the recall, the cost to the owners of the corresponding compensation

"We first asked Toyota Motor Sales to recall specific timetable for the initiative perform their recall obligations, timely maintenance vehicles." Zheng Yumin said the second, demands recall of Toyota models in the timely repair and must also compensate the consumer related losses.

In the United States, Toyota provided to victims, "recalled door" service, and personally driving Depot recalled consumer subsidies transport costs, in a garage, and are offering the same model vehicles; while in China, Chinese car owners only by car to the 4S shop to complete the recall, because of parts shortages and may many times not even clear that the compensation given to Chinese consumers.

Different life with the car, allowing the owner who lives in Hangzhou, Gudang Village Xiaocai feel unfair. His newspaper's "iron buddy QQ group of wealth" in the message: "I had to buy Japanese cars, my friends persuaded another advised. Now, I saw they have nothing to say. The problem is already out, Toyota should be face and to protect consumer interests, and compensation for losses suffered. "

If the active-site recall, consumers should be given compensation with the appropriate vehicle to use or transport; If you want to repair shop owners to return, should compensate consumers, including gasoline, a loss of fees, loss; If it is only a down payment, the vehicle has not yet delivery, should be allowed to lift the reservation, full refund of deposit.

With immediate effect, Zhejiang will be the establishment of the Consumer Protection Board issues complaint vehicle information center, announced the issue of motor vehicles information, acceptance of all vehicles sold in Zhejiang information problems on Toyota cars for other complaint handling and credit tracking. Toyota, which fully meet, to prevent the occurrence of new security risks, ensure safety driving.

Business sector and the Consumer Protection Board will support the consumer rights protection law. All the problems in Zhejiang vehicle sales should be in accordance with the "consumer protection regulations in Zhejiang Province", into "three guarantees" protection. According to "fill the loss" principle, how much should be how much compensation losses, Toyota recall vehicles than deal with repairs, replacement of substandard, but also compensation for the resulting losses. Provincial Consumer Protection Committee will give full support to consumers through judicial remedies, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of its own. Necessary to employ public interest lawyers for judicial relief, according to consumer safety, to know the right claim.

It is reported that Zhejiang will launch special campaigns to begin auto sales in Zhejiang Province to regulate the field of service industries and rectification.

Zhejiang involving more than 7,000 vehicles recalled vehicles

"This is a Toyota in the global recall of events, at home all have different levels of response, Zhejiang Province, the strongest response." Zheng Yumin said, because in China recalled 75,000 Toyota RAV4 in Zhejiang Province accounting for nearly one tenth of the 7,000-odd vehicles. According to Provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau and the provincial Consumer Protection Board survey, reflecting the strong consumer are: First, the progress of the recalled vehicles are not good repair; second, to the owners of the damages claim was not satisfied; third, not to mention cars consumers to seek a full refund of returned vehicles did not meet the requirements of the deposit; Fourth, some consumer rights awareness is not strong, no serious response to the recalls.

"The same disease with different treatment!" Zheng Yumin that the total number of vehicles involved in more than 8.5 million, of which more than 600 million vehicles recalled United States, Europe, the recall of more than 200 million, compared with 7.5 in China just recall 10000. From the model perspective, as many as 16 species in North America, recalled in China, recalled only one model RAV4. In fact, other countries are included in the recall of the Corolla model, Camry, Highlander, and Yaris and other models are sold in China.

You know, from "brake the door" to the Highlander's "climbing the door," all of China, Zhejiang, based on actual events.

In this defense, "safety and quality of the" defense of consumer rights and interests, the U.S. consumers are fully occupied active and favorable position. In the China market seems to be Toyota's "immune zones." Toyoda Chinese consumers see only man to apologize, but do not know why exactly an apology, many people have no knowledge of the case "was an apology."

Zhejiang Daily

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