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The United States to export nuclear technology in Vietnam is no reason not to protest the Chinese, right?

The United States to export nuclear technology in Vietnam
China has no reason not to protest, right?

According to the Vietnamese Communist Party newsletter confirmed success of the United States and Vietnam signed the "Memorandum of nuclear energy cooperation", which means that the United States began to export nuclear technology in Vietnam, the next step, the Cam Ranh Bay in Vietnam will not come up to thank the United States? Wait and see! Americans obstruction Iran and North Korea from developing nuclear technology, but then the Vietnamese new light, between the transmission of the disease is self-evident!

China is not in this issue should do something to it? Once the Vietnamese have nuclear weapons, the day of the Nansha also solve it?

(Vietnamese version) Vietnam and the United States will continue efforts to develop civilian nuclear power industry, the necessary infrastructure. This is Li Ting, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology into the United States Ambassador to Vietnam Michael W. Michalak on March 30 signed a "Memorandum of nuclear cooperation," one of the elements.

the United States to export nuclear technology in Vietnam is no reason why the Chinese did not protest it?

The more the United States signed the "Memorandum of nuclear energy cooperation"

The memorandum opens the field of nuclear energy on strengthening human resources, infrastructure development and security and to have used radioactive fuel management, opportunities for cooperation.

In addition, the memorandum also asked the two sides on the nuclear reactor to create favorable conditions; including civilian nuclear reactors for the future of Vietnam to establish a reliable nuclear fuel resources, service agreements, including the fuel, which allow the Vietnamese to seek through the world market, the nuclear fuel services.
Li Ting Jin in his speech at the signing ceremony, sure, Vietnam is to expand the use of radiation and nuclear technology, and ongoing services to economic and social development for the nuclear power program.
Vietnam's consistent policy is peace, ensure security, peace and against nuclear proliferation for the purpose of the use of nuclear energy. Ambassador Michael W. Michalak think this is the development of peaceful civilian nuclear energy program in Vietnam a necessary foundation. The new areas of cooperation this year - Vietnam - 15th anniversary of normalization of relations between the United States launched the occasion.

South Korea successfully developed "corner shot"

South Korea successfully developed "corner shot"

South Korea has successfully developed

Information pictures: Israeli military equipment, "Corner Gun"

Yonhap in Seoul on March 23 Xinhua

South Korea successfully developed the barrel can be bent to the left and right side "corner gun (Corner shot)".

South Korea's National Defense Research Institute (ADD) 23 said today, in February this year, successfully developed "corner shot weapon", such weapons can increase in urban warfare and counter-terrorism war in the precision strike force.
Korea Institute for Defense Science and upcoming research conference, there will be the Army, Defense Department business, National Police Agency, the academia, industry, attended.

As the "corner shot" of the barrel can be bent to the left and right side, gunmen shot can be aligned with a corner or hide behind the enemy trenches. So far, South Korean special warfare forces, special task group consists of 707 imported from Israel and use the corner of the gun.

Korea Institute for Defense Science from September 2008 research from the corner of the gun, invested a total of nearly 3.5 million won. Successful development of the corner of the gun, the barrel front with up to 50 meters shooting range K5 9 mm pistol, may be bent 60 degrees to the left and right side.

Barrel at the top of the CMOS camera is also installed, the gunmen used the camera to master the enemy's position, the number and other relevant information. In addition, the rifle is also equipped with laser sights, used to increase the hit rate.