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Shock: Houston Police Chuang Deputy Consul General of Consulate that his handcuffs to go driving without a license


Chuang Chinese Consulate in Houston, police Deputy Consul General that his handcuffs to go driving without a license

[Overseas Chinese Web information] on the 24th night, the Chinese Deputy Consul General in Houston, Yu Boren was in the vicinity of the Consulate General in Houston, the police rounded up, the United States during the brutal police practices, Yu Boren of the injured were taken to hospital. This has set off a diplomatic crisis, the Chinese government has issued a protest to the United States on the matter. U.S. State Department statement said it is investigating and the matter very seriously.

Things Reasons: No hanging license plate?

According to CBS 29, the disclosure, the Houston police Yu Boren did not open the car parking requirements listed licenses and fails to the ground, sending more police vehicles to track.

When Yu Boren of the Consulate General of driving the vehicle entered the garage when the police stormed the Chinese consul-general and the United States over the museum, to Yu Boren handcuffed. According to China News, Yu Boren Liangmingshenfen U.S. after being assaulted by police brutality and the hand and neck injuries and was taken to hospital ambulance.

Many media reports, the car was also a female passenger sitting, female passenger was not injured. According to CNS News, accompanied by his wife and daughter are Yu Boren.

According to the Global Times reported that the Houston Police Department has not yet made any comment on the incident, but the CBS report cited sources as saying the police did not know Yu Boren of entering the Chinese Consulate.

However, in this news thread, some users questioned the United States rushed to the police do not know what they say is the Chinese Consulate, said the police may be due to other reasons in the pursuit of Yu Boren, the only excuse for license plate issue. It was said that the police apparently treated as ordinary people did to the U.S. diplomat. It was also pointed out that diplomatic license plates stolen in Houston is a common occurrence.

Yu Boren of the deputy consul general at the hospital treated and discharged and now is back to work.

China issued a protest

According to China News, the embassy spokesman said, the current event being processed. China has made representations on the matter to the United States, urged the U.S. side strictly observe "the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations" and "Sino-US Consular Treaty" to ensure that China's diplomatic and consular premises against any violation staff. China will firmly safeguard China's overseas diplomatic and consular officers of the legitimate rights and interests.
>>> Foreign Ministry Spokesman on the Chinese Deputy Consul General in Houston battered Question and Answer

U.S. position: close attention

U.S. State Department official on the 29th position on the matter, saying the U.S. State Department is closely investigating the incident and the relevant law enforcement authority. The United States will discuss the findings with the Chinese government. The official pointed out that "the U.S. State Department viewed the matter very seriously" and has the whole story on the incident and contacted the Chinese Embassy. U.S. State Department that the crucial, is the (protection) of all United States diplomatic and consular offices of foreign personnel.

Houston Mayor's Response: Three police officers have been dismissed

[Overseas Chinese compilation of Bath Press reported April 29] According to KTRK reported that three Houston police officers outside the consulate in China because of the arrest of a Chinese diplomat and lead to injuries from street patrol posts were removed.
According to Houston Mayor Parker (Annise
Parker) issued a statement disclosed that the incident took place last Saturday in the parking lot of the Chinese consulate in Houston. Chinese Consulate General in Montrose (Montrose).

Parker said that the police claimed that they arrested a Chinese diplomat Ben Ren Yu (Yu Boren) do not know when the consulate building in this building.

Parker said the Houston Police Department and the U.S. State Department is now investigating the incident.

Parker said in the statement, the police chief McClelland took swift action, and to take all appropriate steps. In addition to cooperation with the State Department, he has already issued instructions to all police officers will patrol a city receives the address of each consulate. This is important because the number of consulates in Houston ranks third in the United States.

Parker also said in a statement, attached great importance to the residents here in the States, and wishes to be assured that they are in the city is welcome.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman on China's Deputy Consul General in Houston battered Question and Answer

[Overseas Chinese Web News] April 30, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Jiang Yu's Remarks on the Chinese Deputy Consul General in Houston battered Jianchao.

A reporter asked: It is understood that the Chinese Deputy Consul General Consulate General in Houston and his family were driving back to Hall when the police harassed and beat the United States, do you have any comment on the matter?

Jiang Yu said: The event is being processed. Chinese Foreign Ministry, Embassy, Consulate General in Houston has made solemn representations. We note that the U.S. State Department spokesman, said to be serious about this, is to investigate the incident, the protection of all U.S. foreign diplomatic and consular personnel security. China urges U.S. to comply with "the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations" and "Sino-US Consular Treaty" to identify the incident as soon as possible and hold the U.S. responsible parties to ensure that China's diplomatic and consular personnel and premises of the United States, against any violation. We resolutely safeguard China's overseas diplomatic and consular officers of the legitimate rights and interests.