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South Korean institutions (Institute for National Unification) that: North Korea may have 5 to 23 nuclear weapons

South Korean institutions (Institute for National Unification) that: North Korea may have 5 to 23 nuclear weapons

Yonhap, Seoul 13 April Xinhua
According to one analysis, the end of last year, North Korea has a small number of nuclear weapons is up to five, as many as up to 23.

Dr. Xun Academy All-Star uniform released earlier this year entitled, "To realize the denuclearization of North Korea Korea-US strategic cooperative research," the report said North Korea now has 32.5 ~ 58.5 kg of plutonium.
Report said that if North Korea nuclear weapons manufacturing technology in its infancy, as at the end of the number of nuclear warheads could reach 5 to 15.
Than the mid 90s of last century speculated that North Korea possessed nuclear weapons number (1 ~ 3) 4 times more.
The report also said that if North Korea to produce nuclear weapons technology to the intermediate level, at the end of its own nuclear arsenal, could reach 9 to 23.
It is speculated that North Korea has the mid 90s of last century the number of nuclear warheads in 2 to 5.
All-Star Fun in the acceptance of an interview with Yonhap, said: "North Korea's nuclear capacity than the mid-90s, an increase of about 4 times."
"According to the technical level, destructive capacity, the weight of plutonium, the calculated deviations may occur."

Painful memory of an old man who loved China - the former International Olympic Committee president Juan Antonio Samaranch

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Samaranch has been an objective assessment of China, he is a decent old! We should remember the Chinese people!

Painful memory of an old man who loved China

- Former International Olympic Committee president Juan Antonio Samaranch

condolences old man who loved China - the former IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch

Pictures from the International Olympic Committee official website

Juan Antonio Samaranch

Juan Antonio Samaranch (Juan Antonio
Samaranch ,1920.7.17-2010 .4.21) Marquis, in July 1920 Health, the Spanish, the former International Olympic Committee.

July 13, 2001, he announced to the world in Moscow, Beijing, China won the bid to host the 2008 Olympic Games, the whole of China rejoicing. Juan Antonio Samaranch has been a friend of China.

International Olympic Committee Honorary President Juan Antonio Samaranch, an old friend of Chinese people were accepted in April 2008, Spain's major media, "abece newspaper" and "national newspaper" interview questions on the Beijing Olympic Games and relevant comment.

Samaranch explicitly oppose boycott the Beijing Olympics and oppose politicizing the Olympics. He said, "is a wonderful sport in the world, the International Olympic Committee is a 204 of different races, different traditions, different social systems of countries for the family, we live in peace, so the Olympics is the youth, sports and peace event. Events in Tibet should not become a pretext to boycott the Olympics. "

He also said, "Those who criticize China on human rights issues should first look in their own countries, instead of using the Olympics to achieve their political ends. International Olympic Committee is not a political organization, the different systems, not our management of the affairs. Options The system is best suited to each country its own thing. "

Samaranch that "select Beijing Olympic Games is very correct, I do not regret it. China's recent 25 years, remarkable changes have taken place, economic development has attracted worldwide attention, the biggest beneficiaries are the people. China from a disaster-stricken States have become a thriving economic power. historic Beijing Olympic Games organization, its Olympic facilities such as Bird's Nest, Water Cube and other will go down in history as the cathedral were built centuries ago, but today the construction of such an ambitious sports facilities. I believe that China will organize an excellent Olympic Games. Beijing Olympic Games will be successful. "

I wish Mr. Samaranch Quwang way to heaven
Well all the way

Nanning Miss Zhuxi Avenue Yinwo be end prostitution Diary "very hard"

Nanning Yin Wo be side
Prostitution Miss Diary "very hard"

Police view the service notes

Operation Diary

[Overseas Chinese Web News] Zhuxi Avenue, buy Nanning held the first floor of a hotel, sovaldi entertainment clubs, some dressed in women exposed to stage a big show at the T figure, either "guest" selected for special deals. The evening of April 6, Nanning City, public safety experts, Branch take away green show this hidden M
Y site, and arrested suspected of M Y, P C are 25. Although the woman suspected of all sorts of sophistry MY, but the police seized a "M
Y Women Diary "confirmed illegal and criminal acts of these people.

"Shower for the guests, helping with the sensitive parts of the wash; bed services to **;** easily with the body, different body position." A woman wrote MY diary.

On-site equipment seized

Metamorphosis cage

To better serve the "customers" to provide sexual services, the M
Y many women recorded in the diary note: How to introduce myself; how the proffered business card; how to attract "customers" to help select their own services; how to embrace repeat; how to provide sexual services for customer satisfaction ... ... the matter on the record only two pages. The process of providing sexual services, also recorded two pages.

Moreover, the M
Y women to provide sexual services, also to sum up every time: if and which made a number of customers, using what posture; own feeling is; how customers feel; for customers to comment on their own which has done better, what are the lack of to make further improvements to provide sexual services for the next better; and other M
Y female exchange of 12 of the master. Love the basis of position, continue in-depth study ... ...

Diary also records the names of some customers and the telephone. In almost exactly a diary, this M
Y is a female most of the records and to provide sexual services to the content. In addition, the women also recorded some of MY everyday things, like knitting and other skills.