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Painful memory of the victims in Yushu compatriots!

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Painful memory of the victims in Yushu compatriots!

painful memory of the victims in Yushu fellow!

painful memory of the victims in Yushu fellow!

painful memory of the victims in Yushu fellow!

painful memory of the victims in Yushu fellow!

painful memory of the victims in Yushu fellow!

painful memory of the victims in Yushu fellow!

painful memory of the victims in Yushu fellow!

painful memory of the victims in Yushu fellow!

I wish the dead well all the way!

Good living life well!

Moscow scholars Lukin: Russia has had diplomatic ties four years

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Moscow scholars Lukin: Russia has had diplomatic ties four years

China ushered in on Oct. 1 this year, 60 years old birthday. 60 years ago, the day after the founding of the PRC, the Soviet Union the first to recognize the new China, and the establishment of diplomatic relations. September 24, RIA Novosti organized "the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations Russia" Moscow - Beijing video connection activities, the Moscow Institute of International Relations of East Asia and Shanghai Cooperation Organization Studies Center Director Alexander Lukin attended the event, and after accepted the Itar-Tass reporters.

Question: Alexander Vladimirovich, held in June of this year's SCO summit, Russia has proposed the creation of the SCO member states the concept of unified currency of settlement, you think the theory of practical significance at this stage how much? In a few years now the world's monetary system will change?

A: I think not very realistic. SCO economic cooperation within the framework of the whole, weak. If you have a single currency, first of all at least establish a unified market. The SCO is now on the unity of the market too early, several countries have expressed opposition to, or can be said that a member other than China are opposed to this. Only possible in the future when all the SCO (member) countries have joined the WTO, tariffs are reduced, it could consider the establishment of a unified market. Even in Europe, which is gradually carried out, first of all to establish a unified market, followed by a uniform tariff policy, a few years later to determine the single currency unit. First of all, should be (in this context) the development of economic cooperation.

Q: Shanghai Cooperation Organization as an expert, do you think the organization of heads of diplomatic relations in Russia and China held the first 60 years, has any special significance?

A: The SCO member states a total of 6, 5 of which are former Soviet republics, we are China and the former Soviet Union to celebrate 60 years of diplomatic relations between, in this sense and this year's SCO summit, there is a certain ties.

Of course, the 60th anniversary of China is a grand festival, but I think there is no need to over-emphasize the significance of diplomatic relations 60 years. Because it is the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the relationship with the PRC, the Soviet Union have long since disappeared, and the relationship between our two countries, in fact much more than 60 years long. Between Russia and China already has nearly 400 years of diplomatic relations, which the 60-year relationship is not the best stage. I think I will not be the long history of Russian-Chinese relations to the stage in particular independent.

Russia and China are the only two major wars did not happen neighbors. If you give any other of the two neighboring countries such as France and Germany, France and Spain, Russia and Poland ...... history of the total in the war between them. Russia and China have never been a war, despite the end of the 17th century ...... ...... 20 and 60 opposite end of the decade there had been the situation, but not the conflict, not a war, basically be described as a model of good neighbors around the world.

In China and in Russia's social survey also showed good relationship between the two countries: about half of Russia believes that China is the most friendly countries, this proportion is even higher than that of Belarus; major cities in China, the survey also showed that more than half of Chinese people that Russia is the most friendly countries, Korea ranked second owned 10% support rate.

Q: Yesterday, the 64th UN General Assembly in New York, Chinese President Hu Jintao and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev during a meeting here, how do you evaluate relations between Russia and international organizations including the United Nations's role? Do you think the SCO and the United Nations can also be areas in which cooperation? They can with what other international organizations to cooperate?

A: We have two leaders meet regularly once each year an official visit. But in the past two years, the two leaders held a total of 5 talks, and the remaining 4 are in different international activities during the period. For example, currently the UN General Assembly, as well as SCO summit, the APEC summit, etc., in the G20 summit talks will be carried out within the framework. This is a very important point. Just as today Rogachev (Rogachev) said, we must strengthen the coordination of specific international issues specific relationship. For example, the two leaders of the SCO summit to discuss development issues in Central Asia, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit of the development of the organization's common position, in the G20 to discuss the joint anti-crisis. Of course, Russia and China in the UN's action was coordinated with a similar position, have sought to retain the role of the United Nations to retain the UN Security Council's role as an international organization. They are against unipolar world, advocates a multipolar world. Only to retain the important role of the UN Security Council, the world can continue to maintain the development trend of multipolarity. Russia and China in the UN Security Council vote different is the pace of the most consistent of the two countries: either supports, or in opposition to or abstain from voting at the same time. Another example, the Iranian nuclear issue, the issue of the Korean Peninsula, they stand on the six-party talks are always the same.

In addition, the SCO's relations with other international organizations are also under development. This year in March in the framework of the SCO held meetings on Afghanistan, which means that the SCO supported the Afghan issue, and is prepared to assist international efforts to address this issue. The meeting held in Moscow, and many other international organizations attended the conference: NATO, OSCE, European Union, the Collective Security Treaty Organization, although the United Nations Secretary-General also attended the meeting but the Deputy Secretary-General of NATO has, however, is of special importance, because NATO's military action in Afghanistan. The SCO is willing to help coalition forces to help the coalition forces transit non-military supplies to Afghanistan. I think that the SCO can play in solving the biggest role in Afghanistan, as the SCO member states are Afghanistan's neighbors, they have some characteristics more in Afghanistan, such as Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan and Iran have They are SCO's observer countries, different in Afghanistan (militant) group is certainly influential. I think that within the framework of the SCO can establish a dialogue between the Afghan region.

Q: For China, Afghanistan, Russia does not seem so tough, you think the solution to this problem What is the significance for China?

A: Afghanistan is important for China, like Russia as important. Russia and China most of the narcotic drugs come from Afghanistan, China, mainly from Afghanistan, the drug flows through the territory of Xinjiang, which in Russia and in China are a direct threat to security, because Islam is rooted in the Afghan armed forces, will destruction of the border between Russia and Central Asia to stabilize the situation, of course, could undermine China's stability, specifically in Xinjiang.

Q: This year is the 60th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations Russia and India are Russia's traditional strategic partner, but the relationship between China and India, there are some problems in recent years. Do you think Russia may play what role in the Sino-Indian relations? Is it possible to promote the bilateral relations?

A: First of all, be pointed out that this year the 60th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations is not Russia, but the former Soviet Union, the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations with China. Russia's diplomatic relations with China back in the early 17th century was built up.

As for Russia, China and India play what role - Russia can not possibly interfere with the relationship between the two countries, because this is an issue between two sovereign countries, should be resolved by the two countries themselves. And in the most recent of these issues are gradually resolved, the relationship between China and India has improved: mutual visits between the leaders, trade volume is increasing. Some territorial issues, I would like to solve these problems will gradually, just as China and many other countries of similar problems, such as China and Russia, and Central Asian countries. Russia in the bilateral relations which can not play any special role, but the two realize that they can contribute in the role of certain key systems, such as the SCO, or RIC Russia and India in the three organizations, as well as BRIC organization. The two countries within the framework of these organizations often consult other leaders of the talks.

Q: said Russia-China relations, "the political heat, economically cool", you had to accept an interview with Chinese media have said that in Western countries, economic cooperation will help improve bilateral relations; while Russia and China to the contrary --- politics, drive the economy. What do you think need to take measures to promote economic relations between Russia and China? How can we make political relations more effective promotion of economic cooperation?

A: I think the main need for an overall reform in China, the current economic and trade relations between the two countries in which the requirements of this standard is not to solve specific problems of bilateral relations, but need to solve the whole problem, Furthermore, Russia is trying to improve the investment environment, combating corruption, the development of production level, as our leaders say: the need to rely on raw materials out of the state, the development of production and innovation. On the technical side, Russia will export to China are very rare.

In China there are some problems: the exchange rate issue, foreign company registration and so on. As far as I know, there are many Russian companies registered in Hong Kong, where the administrative issues is much less compared with the mainland. In other words, China (mainland) to trade the Russian company is actually registered in Hong Kong, so we trade volume between Hong Kong and very large, despite the fact that it is China (mainland) trade between the .

Russia-China economic and trade relations to solve the corruption - is aimed at Russia, but also against China. We also know that in China, where can I find companies that are engaged in smuggling, such as the Arts you a way to Beijing, immediately someone will propose to you how to bypass customs (exports to Russia). Therefore, China's law-enforcement agencies should address this issue.

Q: So you think the economic and trade relations between Russia and also how long it can be achieved such as China and the United States, China and European countries as the normalization of relations?

A: I think the anti-corruption issues can be resolved in two to three years beginning; improve productivity issues to the Russian long - that complex, depending on the government.

Q: Just a few days ago, at the "Asia-Pacific business development," International Business Forum, Chinese companies said they believe simply import raw materials from Russia is no longer secure, it should open up new routes. In the last week Novosti's "China Investment prospects for the Russian consumer market," the video connection, the Chinese scholars have suggested that the Chinese businessmen to consider investing in building factories in Russia. You recommend areas in which Chinese entrepreneurs to invest in Russia?

A: In Russia, based on the exploitation of local raw materials processing and production of course is very beneficial. For example, not simply to export timber, but the establishment of a furniture factory in Russia, because furniture prices in Russia than in China much more expensive, this is a win-win and mutual benefit between the two countries; Another example is the establishment of the oil processing plant , light industry factory. To do this first need to have an interest in the Chinese entrepreneurs need to greatly improve the investment environment. Because the Chinese entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in other countries like Russia and the strange laws of the serious corruption in state organs satisfied that these factors have great impact on the investment environment. Entrepreneurs will be considered before investing how to recover after these costs. On the one hand say that the high profit investment in Russia; the other hand, the money will most likely never return, that is risky. Therefore, government needs to study how to reduce Russia's investment risk, which is particularly important for small and medium family. In China, not very many large companies, such as Auchan, IKEA large enterprises such as the West can be the first time to recoup their losses, because of their abundant resources, can quickly win the market. China's small and medium family income is required as soon as possible, to consider strategic issues is very difficult.

On the other hand, Russia and some other countries, trade between the states has been very good, such as the volume of trade between Japan and South Korea, even during the economic crisis has not decreased. Koreans and Japanese can be said that the Russian market has been holding a trusting attitude. Therefore, the Chinese people and will also (have confidence in the Russian market) and, after a period of time will know what action, how to be more positive action.

Q: You were there, "the Russian bear to see the dragon," the masterpieces, in your opinion, at this stage in today's Russia or a lazy bear? China, the dragon's eyes now bear the image of what it is?

A: do not know why, in China and Russia was seen as a polar bear, but in fact Russia is a brown bear. China's rapid development into a powerful state - a What is the significance for Russia? Russia should make this kind of conclusion? Czarist Russia and the Soviet Union during the period and compared to many of Russia in recent years behind. Some Russian people think that China would further strengthen the development of the Russian threat will continue, but there are some more very practical people who believe that since this trend can not be changed, then China's development will need to be applied to Russia's development. The first is the development of the role of the Russian Far East - the introduction of Chinese investment, Chinese workers, Chinese technology ...... this part of the work already done, but it can work even harder. Development of the Russian Far East is one of the most important strategic tasks. I think we just need to welcome China's development, and how to use positive thinking to the development of China's development in Russia, rather than sitting in situ expressed dissatisfaction with the behavior of its neighbors. With neighboring countries need to actively develop their own, of which include not only China but Japan and Korea.

Q: Next year will host the World Expo in Shanghai, currently Russia is on the 2010 World Expo actively planning the Russian Museum and the Russian Museum exhibition that relates to whether Russia will achieve the right to host Expo 2020. Do you think this activity is the significance of relations between Russia and what?

Q: As far as I know, next year's Expo will hold a "Russia Week" on display by the Russian Museum of Russian commodities, handicrafts and achievements will always be displayed to the end of the year. This will not only allow China and other countries of the world's people can better understand Russian, this course will help mutual understanding.

The question is: to show their achievement of course is a good thing, but first need to be developable. Its economic and production without development, there is no empty display of special significance. Russia needs a serious national economic reform and development.

Zhang Shibo in my car will have posters that I bought in Shanghai. I put it up in his car, that I attach great importance to this event, also made equal to this ad. I have recently been to Shanghai, to see where the construction of many buildings, and is still going in for large. Of course, if the Expo will be held in Russia, Moscow, best not to choose, but choose a city in the other. Similar activities, such as Sochi Winter Olympics, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Vladivostok - where built for this purpose the entire island of ...... a lot of meaning. I think if the (except outside Moscow) other cities will be better able to develop the city.
I wish China's successful World Expo. Of course, our Chinese friends have to show for sure, there can be said that it is well known, China's industrial and economic success is very significant.
Alexander Vladimirovich Weiqi Lu Jin
, Moscow State Institute of International Relations of East Asia and Shanghai Cooperation Organization Research Centre, "Russia -21 Century" magazine editor, director of Russian-Chinese entrepreneurs, Chairman of the Committee of Experts, the Moscow State Governor consultants, Ph.D., University of Oxford.

As Russia and China expert, Lukin has visited China many times, and forward to the "Russian Bear Chinese dragon - 17-20 century the image of China in Russia" and "17th century to the 21st century, China the eyes of the Russian people" and many with China-related work.