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Indian media: Chinese nuclear submarine quiet rampant Indian Ocean within three years

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Indian media: Chinese nuclear submarine quiet rampant Indian Ocean within three years

Indian media began to hype the "China threat theory." "Today's India", published reports said the Chinese submarine defense a serious threat to India's maritime security, India's security situation has been precarious.
Indian navy according to a report submitted to the Government's internal report, on the China accusations that the Indian Navy's submarine Li Liang has dropped to historic low level, but at this time, China is bent on trying to break the maritime defense of India, India's national security has been precarious.
Prakash, former chief of the Indian Navy, said: "The beginning of this century, the Indian Navy has been related to the crisis in the government report. Although the Government has recognized this problem, but unfortunately, and did not take the relevant action."

Indian Navy in the internal report said that in the next few years, India's submarines from the current 16 down to five, which is India's maritime security plan-makers is hard to imagine. India's existing fleet of 16 submarines in 10 Russian Kilo-class submarines, 4 to Germany, two of India old "Foxtrot" class submarines. By 2012, there will be only nine submarines can remain in service. If we do not take measures to curb this trend, India will in the coming years remaining five submarines in normal service.
Indian Navy has developed over a 30 years to purchase or build 24 submarines of the plan, but after the cabinet approved a new submarine not have any service. At the same time, the Indian Navy will soon phase out two old-fashioned "Foxtrot" class submarines, India's "Kilo" class submarines will be retired in 2013.
In this report, the Indian Navy and even began to imagine that China will be invaded India. Reported that the Chinese navy will be expanded into the Indian waters in the near future. Ability of the Chinese Navy has the Navy to other regions, especially the Indian Navy constituted a restriction. Indian Navy has long been suspected to contain Chinese ambitions in the Indian Ocean region, the Indian Navy of this report also describes the coveted China, India, the Indian Ocean, so that disturbing scene.
Fantasy aside, India is also looking for support for their argument. Reported that China has begun to implement its plans. In 2009, the Indian Navy intelligence network monitoring 16 suspected Chinese nuclear submarine into Chinese waters to cruise over.
The report also made clear that China has a mature deep-water capabilities, and will continue in the coming years to strengthen its deepwater capabilities. At present, China's nuclear submarine has only tested the water in the South China Sea. The next three years, China's nuclear submarine will be quiet in the Indian Ocean lawless. China is active on the facilities of the Indian Ocean's command and control, trying to expand China's influence in the region, which is the most critical threat to Indian security and surrounded by India.

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