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"Daily Post" claims to capture the UFO and the M5 chasing Photos

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"Daily Post" claims to capture the UFO and the M5 chasing Photos

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Tightening of the Korean Peninsula faces the United States depends on China to act

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Tightening of the Korean Peninsula
The United States also depends on China's face to act

Sinking ship in Cheonan, Korea or the Korean peninsula caused the military crisis, the United States thought of intervention, but the fear of China, had to act to see the entire face, said U.S. Assistant Secretary of State will discuss with the Chinese measures.

Tian ship sank U.S. Assistant Secretary of State: to negotiate with China Strategy
U.S. media first to mention Tiananmen ship torpedoed by the possibility of North Korea

U.S. Cable News Network (CNN) Online 26 reported that North Korea Cheonan ship was torpedoed and sank a high possibility.

CNN quoted the same day the U.S. military-related people as saying: "North Korean torpedo attacks, may be the day an explosion sank the biggest ship security reasons." The source added: "The United States believes that Tian ship sank due to underwater explosion, and explosive devices and no direct access to the hull. "

CNN said it and South Korean military officials released the results of the same, but did not give more details. This is the first time U.S. media quoted U.S. officials as saying Cheonan may be due to North Korean ships sank due to torpedoes.

U.S. Department of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Assistant Secretary of State Campbell on the 26th day of the ongoing safety and accident investigation, said the sinking ship, with the Chinese government has carried out consultations, the Chinese government has also expressed deep concern about the tragedy. Campbell said: "China's future course of the investigation will be given close attention. We (U.S. government) called on China to play a responsible role."

The same day, Campbell attended the Asia-Pacific regional issues, the United States think tank, "East-West Center" (East-West
Center) held in Hong Kong's international press conference and a speech he made at a press conference following the above said.

When a reporter's question "in the cause of the accident investigation Tian ship whether the process of consultations with the Chinese Government", the Campbell said after a little hesitation: "Yes. We had consultations with China. We are introduced to the Chinese Government of the United States In the course of the investigation of the role, and that we attach great importance to the work of the investigation and salvage efforts. "

Campbell said: "The Chinese government also took place on the casualties and the tragedy deeply concerned (concern). We (U.S. government) is also proposed (encourage) the Chinese government to play a responsible role. As far as I know, the Chinese government is closely the progress of the future process. "

Campbell on the "If North Korea confirmed the cause of the accident and about whether it would support the case to the UN Security Council," a question, said: "There is close consultation with the South Korean government. But not yet found conclusive evidence." He said: "The United States The Government is deeply involved in the cause of the accident to find conclusive evidence of the work and also other countries in the region to cooperate. "