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U.S. media: the Washington summit, Hu Jintao is the biggest winner in the nuclear

U.S. media: the Washington summit, Hu Jintao is the biggest winner in the nuclear

U.S. media: the Washington summit, Hu Jintao is the biggest winner in the nuclear

[Overseas Chinese Network Communications] in the April 13 U.S. "Washington Post" front page, one United States President Barack Obama shake hands with Chinese President Hu Jintao, eye-catching photos. In this photo, the U.S. President Barack Obama slightly bent, and Hu Jintao spine straight. In addition to front-page coverage, there is a column on the newspaper Web site article, entitled: "The meeting of heads of state in President Hu is the biggest winner."

"Hu Olympic" about 90 minutes

Wenhui Network News, "Washington Post" column, said the Nuclear Safety held in Washington summit winners are those who hold a bilateral meeting with President Obama's national summit. This is where Obama met with President Hu and the longest, up to a half-hour, half an hour more than scheduled, we can see that Obama talks with Hu Jintao attention.

Although Hu Jintao before the opening of Obama in the nuclear summit meeting with leaders of the last one, but this meeting is that many Obama as the host country for the bilateral meeting in a most eye-catching. Some twists and turns in Sino-US relations in early one time so people will meeting with Chinese leaders this speculation. Therefore, as some foreign media have pointed out, the "Olympic Hu" is obviously the most attention during the bilateral summit meeting.

In fact, waiting for this meeting began, a fellow journalist on the vision that American journalists around than ever interview, "Hu Olympic" have more time, but mostly simple equipment, but Muguangruju newspaper reporter. Sure enough, the next day there is a lot of mainstream American newspapers about the "Hu Olympic" in the media.

"The New York Times" on the 13th article entitled "Mr. Obama and Mr. Hu," the commentary that the United States on many international issues have demand in China, therefore, the U.S. government has recently reduced tone for appreciation is appropriate. United States, "Christian Science Monitor" article pointed out that "President Obama in Washington regards to Chinese President Hu Jintao visiting the occasion, US-China relations through a cold winter and entered into the spring."

On the issue of RMB exchange rate

Reporter noted that almost all the U.S. media, "Hu Olympic", the regarded perspective on the RMB exchange rate or the Iranian nuclear issue. Some media even speculated that Obama held talks with President Hu has pledged to give up the yuan fixed on U.S. dollar policy.

But in fact, according to report, President Hu talks with Obama on the next phase of the development of Sino-US relations when a claim, frank face of U.S. concern about the RMB exchange rate issue, with respect both RMB appreciation will not solve Sino-US trade imbalance the problem will not help solve the employment problem of the United States. China to promote the reform of RMB exchange rate formation mechanism the direction of firm, but the specific reform measures need to change the world economic situation and the development of overall economic performance of China to be considered, China will not be promoting the external pressure. President Hu also said China is ready to take further measures to increase imports from the United States, also hope that the U.S. efforts to expand exports to China, in particular, hope that the U.S. high-tech products to China as soon as possible to relax the export restrictions.

Accompanying President Hu to visit the Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Cui after the summit, held in the Chinese press conference, was also reiterated China's position. When the Japanese reporter asked, "Hu Olympic Committee" has not reached a consensus on yuan exchange rate, he cleverly replied that the Chinese side believes that "his cold medicine to a neighbor," is of no use.

Reporter noted that the Chinese side even this press conference attracted dozens of foreign journalists, in addition to the United States, Japan and journalists, there are many of them from China Taiwan, Hong Kong journalists.

Japanese media paid special attention

U.S. media attention, "Hu Olympics," China's domestic media, the same. It's knowledge, some newspapers in China to catch up with this news, actually at a huge disadvantage to overcome jet lag, wait until early morning.

IOC concerned about Hu's far more than China and the U.S. media. As the meeting time than anticipated to extend for half an hour, which makes President Hu and Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukio had to postpone the meeting. The reporters found that the Chinese delegation for fear of missing the "Hu Olympic"'s briefing, several Japanese reporters rushed to interview there is not even President Hu met with Prime Minister Hatoyama.

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Barack Obama slightly bent, spine straight while Hu Jintao