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Japanese officer said the helicopter arrived in the Chinese navy has ships to 90 meters

Japanese officer said that

recently arrived in the Chinese navy ship to the helicopter 90 meters

Japanese military report made public through the red Shengnan Xi Islands waters are Chinese Navy destroyer 115 photos

Surface of the Chinese Navy Kilo-class submarines.

Japanese military announced on April 10 through the Chinese naval fleet and the island of Okinawa, Miyako Island, between the high seas heading into the Pacific

Chinese Navy 10 ships a few days ago in Okinawa offshore seas, navigation, response, Japanese Chief Cabinet Hirano Bowen on the 13th afternoon at a news conference, the ships appear, respectively, 7 to 9 and 11 near the oil and gas fields of the East China Sea in central area and the waters of the southern Okinawa shipborne helicopter flight training.

Hirano said: "China's neighboring countries must be concerned about the ship movements. As to why at this time there (the activities) have doubts." He stressed that the future will continue to publish relevant information to citizens.

Japan's defense chief of staff, Red Sea province of Qing rule also star told a news conference: "The Chinese Navy in recent years with modern equipment and increased use of technology is gradually master the ability to deploy in the oceans. It is necessary to pay serious attention."

Red Star said that, once the helicopter to fly to China, just a Japanese frigate "cold wave" was 90 meters between an altitude of about 30 meters lower than the frigate's mainmast. He pointed out that "this would affect the vessel's safe navigation," said the defense will the Chinese side through diplomatic channels to confirm the situation.

Kyodo said the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force escort on the 10th of this month found that two Chinese navy guided missile destroyers and other submarines and 10 ships in the Okinawa Island and Miyako Island, toward to the high seas between the Pacific side of the sail.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu held a regular in 13 response to a question at a press conference that does not understand the specific situation, but noted that the report referred to in the waters of the high seas.

[Reprinted] Beijingers eat text hyphenation

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Authentic, original and detailed address: Beijingers eat off the word of the text: Kong Qingdong
[reprinted] Beijingers eat off paper the word

Beijingers eat off paper word

Beijing is a cultural city, leading city, the people here were more literate and more, it is probably no objections. However, the hole monk 20 years ago found that Beijing's cultural superiority not only in the literate, the first secret is to eat the text is broken word.

Speaking of appetites, from Beijing, there is little advantage to boast of, whether the people of Northwest North Northeast people people people Southwestern Central people, than Beijingers eat. Eight national military, there are six or seven military's appetite more than Beijing. Beijingers also eligible in this area just look down on the people of Shanghai, said Shanghai to eat just enough to stick to your teeth. Northeast agrees to Shanghai from Beijing's view, but would like to add to Beijing to eat, and enough appetizers, and just hook up to Chan Chong, rice has been eaten friends. However, according to health health promotion, Beijing Shanghai's eat Daoshi out of science. Especially the Peking Man, an "eat" carried forward the word "eat" the object has been limited to ordinary food, but the mouth eat P Plus, of all things, nothing to eat. Like Lu Xun said, "eat" and that Zhou said, "eat martyrs", the people who say "eat tiles", cadres, the "rest on our laurels," there are on TV often say "find out exactly what the central spirit" of the class on, we Regardless, this one to talk about this "eat off the text word."

Let Deep and began to eat from. You noticed yet? Beijingers to "tomato" is called "Xiong Shi", or "star potential."

"Hey, Hou aunt, why go where you are?"

"Yo, he Qi Shen Er ah? This does not, I get some Xiongshi go! Noon to eat Xiongshi egg noodles."

"Oh, you go ah buy star potential? You look just bought me a lot, you'll be words to her that I did not come back on you Shunpian Dai Qi it? You take a look at this star potential, like a top little dumplings , which more than Jun! "

Listen to them now? Tomatoes do not yet made egg noodles, it has been eating a big mouth. Part eaten is not necessarily a complete word, more words may be a vowel and another consonant words. Families were destroyed and reassembled to form a new syllable. Such as "tomato", "West" of the finals to eat not eat does not matter, but to "red," the initials eat, such a combination, he came out of "fierce", but tone is from the "West" to decide, "Red "No voice, as if the child with the father's name to the general. If the "red" in the finals also eat a little, leaving a post-nasal, then out of the "Star." Beijingers from childhood accustomed to this "hog", do not think the city by the Mandarin is the best. Primary school, they saw the books in the "tomato", will read a word for word, that is, "literate" needs; wait a grown up, they saw the "tomato" when no longer three words, but a complete phrases are the pronunciation of that word is ready, Xiong Shi, or star potential. This time, it evolved to "eat off the text word" stage friends.

You learned how to eat "tomatoes", the basic can judge the whole. Such as lamb, called "cream of meat"; peanuts, beans, called "Huan beans"; gum, called "En roasted sugar"; camera, called "on top"; detergent, called "washing powder"; Beijing University, called the "University"; your home phone is 82924171, if, we can say is "class children, children volume, elimination, knock" ... ...

Therefore, no matter how good your Mandarin, as long as do not know, "eat" is not as secret, one to Beijing, it was found to be outsiders. And the better your Mandarin, you can not more people of Beijing to enter the circle. Taiwan to send a few agents that year to bomb the Tiananmen Square, Hong Kong and Taiwan-style Mandarin know their irregular, he ordered them to follow the Central People's Broadcasting Station every day, hard to learn Mandarin for over a year, almost Xia Qing, Fang Ming level , and then drop to the Beijing suburbs. Unexpectedly When he first entered Yongding Gate, the caught up. Why? Because they ask for, the question is: "Heaven, security, doors, how to get?" The Peking Man will never say "Tiananmen Square", from Beijing to "Tiananmen" called "Heavenly Gate"! If you are just fooling so on, the potential that the Peking Man "in Tiananmen" called "to the door," right? 're Wrong, "Di'anmen" no "to door", and called "gates"! You follow the radio science, someday to be learned in such a high level ah? Even if you are Tiananmen Square, Di'anmen have learned, that "how to get" also must be revealed the secret, because Beijingers say "how" of the time, that the "me" I only do one type, like Cantonese, where "five" sounds , the equivalent of "How" after the word issue, shut up breath, put a face pose, seems clear, there is scope children. If agents can learn at this level, you do not eat that bowl of rice agents, and diverted when the linguist friends.

Beijingers speak, pay attention to the music of the whole sentence, pay attention to the syllables of the ups and downs, tonal pattern, changes have to adjust the sentence for this specific pronunciation of words, and sometimes even sacrifice some syllables. This was originally a cultural center of the region the phenomenon of high-level language, the meaning of words beyond the usual "passing information" into the "artistic expression." Therefore, a novel written with the Beijing dialect, language, wonderful for reading, the most widely spread, Beijingers are often proud of themselves. But all things are too far, Beijingers in their own circles the convention, will not misunderstand each other's semantics, once and outsiders oral communication, information transfer is likely to cause disorder. In addition to spies, arrested fugitives on such occasions, will only increase the gap between the compatriots and overseas. In particular, many bus conductor, in accordance with the custom reports from Beijing station names, outsiders often do not understand, great views. This is a serious problem affecting the image of one of the capital, and I found that the leadership in Beijing for many years no one noticed this problem, probably they never take the bus or most of it not from Beijing. During the Olympics, many foreigners and foreign friends, ask for, very enthusiastic pointing more Beijing residents, but she often did not understand, but many students volunteer in outsiders to express more clearly.

Beijing newspaper stand a few examples of the conductor. Such as "Grandmaster" is "close", "Yuyuantan" called "injustice Lake", how Shunliu! "White Stone Bridge," is called "white children r Bridge", "Dengshikou" called "light r mouth child" in the middle that "Stone" and "market" only on a volume of the tongue tongue, but do not send voice, and how elegant! "Bawang Fen", called "State grave child", 8 Wang set up a joint state, grave, also give birth to a son, outsiders really do not understand, ah, ah who raised an inferiority complex, studying Mandarin for two years, CCTV saw three years, or no cultural Yeah.

Beijing dialect stress on a word that is usually in the last word, pay attention to the melodious rhyme, in order to highlight the rhyme, we should weaken the front, rear or even have to transform. Putonghua in the "small business" if the child of, should be "small business child," but can be called Peking Man "small Yeer." Beijingers Sometimes the "aunt" call "small Yeer" excessive greed save trouble, many have refused to send a nasal. Since the reform and opening up, this trend more evident. Old Beijingers say "vinegar skin children" and "vinegar Pinger" or differentiated, and now Beijing hutong children, "bottle" and "skin" of the future through the children actually is the same as the pronunciation. Although many linguists noticed the speech problem, write a number of papers, he painted a number of curves, statistics of the number of figures, but because of the professional division is too narrow and can not get through voice and meaning, can not be explained from the cultural, scientific research also not translated into concrete policies to promote social development policies. North Lin Tao
And Professor Shen Jiong "Beijing Retroflex Suffixation rhyme voice differences" ("Chinese Language" in 1995, Phase III) is a good reference paper, the Chinese department of Beijing University in Beijing after 25 points, 449 survey analysis, 80% of Beijingers on "the children", and "petal" is pronounced the same, "Xiaogua child", and "small Guaner" pronunciation is the same. There are many people "car child" as the "snack children", "Niang Erliang" as the "mud children" Two, the "rope skipping child" as the "Sacred child," said the original multi-cultural low the general public, but the lack of linguistic knowledge in recent years many cultural figures also say that they are authentic attempt Beijingers, so the trend is also quite enlarged.

Some linguists say, from Beijing to the sun called "classic children" is to express the worship of the sun, the same respect as respect for the grandfather the sun, this is probably the words too literally the reckless reasoning. In fact Beijingers say is "old Yang child," said the friendly casual it has a number of rural elderly is also so called. However, seek sound and save time, gradually drop the rhyme a belly, and have become "Yeer" sound. Such pronunciation, Beijingers feel very witty, very clever, but people from outside sounds a bit feel some frivolous, some arrogant. More important, the information can not communicate. For example, a stranger to the "Huo Ying" to, the conductor reported that a "fire Ye Er", the passengers how to know which is which station they have to reach it?

So Kong monk once said, more than the capital cities of the country, reported the best station in Guangzhou, the worst is Beijing. Guangzhou people know Mandarin is not good, so very carefully, word by word clearly, "the next view, the fire department wide study all see you." Sounds bad to the point where even if you still understand what station. Most Beijingers think they are born that is the "standard Mandarin", the most not seriously. There is a bus line has three stations: Chuk Yuen, Arcadia Gardens, botanical gardens, Beijing's conductor reported are almost out of "Chuk Yuen child to do that," say the difference with Beijing put it, listen carefully, a little also so the "one star the slightest children, "but it almost foreign passengers," Wei-mud. " This "newspaper stand culture", can understand, acknowledge that the art is witty, did not understand the feeling that children mouth, a shoe, vomiting and vomiting does not come out, painful death.

One time I went to Beijing Concert Hall, on the train after the conductor asked the young woman where to stop that. Conductor Raising the delicate face, crisp said: "to dilute the paste to pass." Curious, I asked: "Where?" She said: "dilute the paste through!" I asked: "Could you repeat what station? "she wide open water Lingling big eyes, looked at me:" to dilute the paste to pass ah! "I'm embarrassed to ask, and start Anzhe Dr. North heads, the brains of seven or eight sub-huang a Heavenly Circuit, and finally suddenly realized that she said was "east west alley knitting wool!" Alas, the "Chairman Mao" as the "Chairman Mao r", the "Monkey King" as the "Song Air," which can be understood, boy, you put the "West Wool alley East" six words stunned to merge into "Dilute the Paste Link", which is the number of linguists have combined high-tech research to solve problems ah.

Since the words here, the way hole monks to provide a number of foreign friends and then Beijing, then the common name of the station right child. Xi'erqi - line child flag, Xisanqi - Xian Qi, Pearl City exit - Pearl Estuary children, Physical Education - Declining University, Tsinghua Simon - maggot baby gate repair, Yong Li - injustice, the Ping Li - parallel, the Da Wang Road - belly Ngong Road, Great Northern Kiln - Big A, Muxidi - cemetery, Wukesong - Wu Song, Yuan Ming Yuan - Round Honey Um children, the zoo - to mobilize children, blue Flag Camp - Blue love children, Chang'an Street - greedy Street, South Long Street - South City kg child, North street - Table of chicken child ... ... just a hole above monks often went to the spot and carefully recorded, in addition to There are many, you give an anti-8, live it right.

Language communication practice, the appropriate "eating off the text word" reasonable, Mandarin and other dialects are present this phenomenon. For example, the Sichuan dialect "for wisdom for the" urgent time became "zua child", Northeast dialect of "Gansha to the" urgent time became "embarrassed clams gas", Hong Kong and Taiwan Mandarin to "like this" radical read as "Jiang Zi . " Taiwan into a swearing word, sound into "Wow," the Beijing dialect of "girl raised in the" simplified "Ah Ting's" re-simplified to "Ah" and "Ah", played down the uncivilized means. They do not affect the transmission of information should go with the flow. However, since the hole monks living in Beijing said to be very great, I hope to take the lead from Beijing, said a standard, the people could understand Mandarin, not born from that standard, people actually listened to it Kua results Gaode that both "Dilute the Paste Link", more and more barriers that may be out sooner or later, "Xiong Shi" a.

(This article published in the "well read" 09 years 10 month number, entitled" good "eating" children of the Beijing dialect word ")

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