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Tianjin: Big Sister 7-year real estate speculators holding out real estate speculators Road, Suite 20


Big Sister 7-year real estate speculators holding out real estate speculators Road, Suite 20

[Overseas Chinese Web News] 7 years passed, more than 40 years at least a house, now in the hands still gripping with my mother and in the vicinity, Meijiang, more than 20 sets of water near the property, the buyer received many calls every day. Living in this state in the 54-year-old Tianjin Sister Zhao Li (pseudonym), has denied he is a "real estate speculators off." Yesterday, my mother and she owned near Commerce at the Bottom of a single room, Zhao Li told reporters about his "not real estate speculators" and "real estate speculators" experience.

"I did not deposit a penny, and some all the house."

Around 7 years time, more than 20 hands were buying a house

"My first home buyers to buy a house." In 2001, Zhao Li has also made foreign trade, and occasionally returned to visit relatives on the goods. Once home, "on the train, I came across a newspaper in Tianjin, a real estate ad, in my mother and near close to my place." ZHAO appeals. That visit, she bought an ad on Commerce at the Bottom, more than 8000 yuan per square meter, more than 1000 square meters. Later, Zhao Li from the restaurant business with the Commerce at the Bottom. Although the restaurant business at the general, but the assessment of Commerce at the Bottom price now to 40 million yuan.

In 2003, Zhao Li's son entrance, feeling that she owed to her son's decision to return home. "I brought back three hundred thousand dollars, plunged headlong into the real estate, and now does not penny savings, and some all the house." A few years, after buying the house ZHAO hand more than 40 sets, not Operators buy someone else's house, at present, there are 20 sets of her hands. However, Zhao Li deny that they are real estate speculators off, "is the appreciation of real estate speculators to sell, I usually only sold with the money."

"You take them Qukan Fang, which they behold, I bought a set."

Opportunities for students to see at once purchasing more than ten rental suites

Restaurant business during the construction of Commerce at the Bottom behind the plot is still the second phase. Korean continuing to rent, house sales staff that "only selling, not rent." The South Koreans are to further studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Tianjin, Zhao Li wondering, if buy the room rented out to these students, or a stable market. Smart ZHAO see opportunities with members of the houses, said: "You take them Qukan Fang, they behold what I bought a set." So, ZHAO have the most accurate source of information.

At the same time, ZHAO have not been idle, to mobilize a lot of friends and family to buy the flats in the house. "Save Well, I have had negotiations with the developer of the capital, so that developers none other." As a result, offer one square meter of real estate 4,000 yuan, 3500 yuan per square meter can be seized. ZHAO bought a dozen of another. "4,000 yuan a month rent, the rent is not only the loan by a surplus, but also reap the benefits of rising home prices."

"Over the years, bought a house with me people, nearly a hundred of it."

She became the eyes of developers, "most potential" for large customers

Is purchased in large volumes during the cell house, developers saw the strength of Zhao Li, recommended to her own separate set of Commerce at the Bottom, then, per square meter has risen to 11,000 yuan, the total area of more than 1000 square meters . "Although the developer has given me zero down payment policy, and Commerce at the Bottom with the lease already, you can have 80 thousand yuan a month rent, a total of 1,000 million of loans, 180 thousand yuan every month term of 10 years also paragraph too much pressure. "

For repayment, ZHAO start "real estate speculators." "Water in the vicinity of the office, sports center near the hotel-style apartments, Mei River apartment, as long as the floor opened appreciation potential, I would buy, paid the down payment and wait for appreciation."

Those years, Tianjin's property into a higher stage, bought a house on the rise, rose sold, the proceeds out to re-buy. Zhao Li said that, over the years, bought a house with her people how much she has not, "almost a hundred of it."

Zhao Li said that because of years too long, she can not remember the purchase price and selling price of each house has. However, she knows how to operate to make money. Her cell phone, tissue boxes are used to serve as real estate, while demonstrations, while explaining. "For example, I also bought two houses, paid the down payment on a house owned by me later. Prices doubled, I sold one set, the equivalent of a house in the opening price to recover the cash, use it as down payment, can buy two or three houses. the house more and more, it means money, money, when we sold a set, not on a shelf or rented out. "

In recent years, Tianjin's real estate market all the way up, the house are only, will up the money, so ZHAO not lose.

Zhao Li has a motto: "the stars earn money lying on the grass, rather than lying in bed watching the roof of the money." She Qiazhuo finger count: "for example, work it, 10 thousand yuan a month, one year 120 000 , not less right, so until retirement, to how much money? stay in the house is difficult to earn money. "She put this money called" Lying in bed watching the roof of the money. " In ZHAO eyes, full of business opportunities, as long as they can make money, she will try to earn, of course, are legitimate business. This money mode, is what she calls "the stars of the money lying on the grass."

She was talking about real estate speculators by

Meijiang 2007 opening of a high-end residential is proud ZHAO buy a house has gone through. "At that time, many real estate speculators from Wenzhou customer to buy a house here. For they realized the demand, developers of a ladder specially designed two of the small apartment. I talk with developers, I bought a Loudong, but you have to meet my condition. "

Large customers, developers are willing to make concessions. "One ladder 2, according to a sold me, but two certificates of title." Zhao Li explained, this can save a lot of acquisition cost, but also easy to realize. "Four percent change of two percent down payment, but also to pay half a year later." Successful negotiations, Zhao Li led a gang of friends and relatives to buy this Loudong all 20 stories below the property. Later, she took issue with the bank negotiating the contract, the same as the big customers, banks have given her the most favorable interest rates. Six months later, had a lot of people buy a house together with ZHAO sell part of the property, there are surplus to pay the down payment.

"Sister and her grandmother live Yi Bai Road, sister of the house more than 80 square meters, with 190,000 loans, more than 900 yuan every month, her mother has a unique single market in 2007 to sell 280 thousand yuan. At the time, opened an office near the water, sister want to buy, but no money, The couple income is not high. "ZHAO ideas for the sister. "His mother's house sold, monies 280,000 yuan, 190,000 yuan clearing out her house loan, then sold to her husband's brother, from bank loans 400,000 yuan, with the former suite of 9 million, paid down payment and pay the tax, there are a few million to spare. repayments on a new office to buy 3,500 yuan, 2,500 yuan their house payments, the two together with loans to pay 6,000 yuan, but there are 6500 yuan monthly rent. on In this way, she not only has its own office, but also the remaining 500 yuan per month. "

She saw the market

"House prices, and can not afford a house down, and still buy it?" This is a lot of people asked if ZHAO. In response, Zhao Li said, "If you put the house as a home, you will certainly raise this issue, if you treat it as a commodity, they will not." ZHAO, said: "If you own property, you first thought The problem is for sure, who bought a house that was the name, if the latter would not. "Zhao Li said, all these years, she buy a house, the family has used the name, only my mother and a nearby Commerce at the Bottom is his name.

Now, ZHAO lead in the district where they live, huh owners of autonomy, "I'm here more than 2000 square meters of houses, if the property collapse, the first to suffer is me."

Recently, with the central policy for the real estate market, people are concerned about the real estate market trends. In response, Zhao Li said: "definitely will be adjusted, but the impact on my own would not be much cheaper prices, house prices will be my shrink, but the same will be cheaper to buy new houses, and rental housing would be more cost-effective. However, for ordinary people, that was the price cheaper good. "

"Any kind of investment is risky behavior." Zhao Li admitted that "although the last few years to buy a house can not lose, but the appreciation rate was also different. Buying a house is a learned skill, house lots, surrounding facilities, human environment and so on, determined the value of the house, catch up with the market is good, the rate of increase that it could sell the profit, to catch up with the market is not good, you can also rent preservation. "Based on this, Zhao Li even said a few non-fall "Developers are not wealthy or, in central area, not down, property or service is not good, not good quality down." for real estate, ZHAO intended long-term investment.

High prices for real estate speculators reminder argument, ZHAO answer is, "compared to Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, real estate speculators are few more."

Source: Tianjin Network