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Cheonan South Korea's military salvage ship scene (picture)

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Cheonan South Korea's military salvage ship scene

The military that "Tian" destroyer is sunk by North Korean torpedo attack, the general view that the event is likely to be the beginning of the conflict.

South Korea's military salvage ship Cheonan site (picture)

South Korea's military salvage ship Cheonan site (picture)

South Korea's military salvage ship Cheonan site (picture)

South Korea's military salvage ship Cheonan site (picture)

South Korea's military salvage ship Cheonan site (picture)

South Korea's military salvage ship Cheonan site (picture)

U.S. intelligence agencies involved in South Korea Battleship events or escalation of the conflict induced

U.S. intelligence agencies involved in incident Korean Battleship
Or escalation of the conflict induced

South Korea, "Tian" sinking ship, because there is no open, but, no doubt, the United States and South Korea to strengthen intelligence cooperation, the ultimate goal of what is difficult to determine. Is not similar to the 911? Become an excuse for terrorism Korea, which issued escalation of military confrontation between the Korean Peninsula, and even induce conflict? wait and see!

Yonhap, Seoul 19 April Xinhua
President Lee on the 19th through the morning of KBS, MBC, SBS, YTN, MBN and other major television stations, broadcast a speech delivered 39 times, said that as president, to thoroughly investigate the "Tian" causes sunken ship.
He also stressed that the survey results, and unswervingly take decisive measures to ensure that similar incidents will not recur.

Lee said the army should be building up, but powerful military not only needs advanced weapons, but also a strong spiritual force. Now we need most is a strong spiritual force.

Lee mentioned in his speech on January 1, "Tian" officers and men killed in the name of ship, and then said: "You love the motherland will never forget you. Until the reunification of this land to achieve real peace and prosperity for all citizens will once again remember your sacrifice. "

Finally, Lee urged: "We must overcome a heavy blow and hot grief, work together to overcome difficulties. That is what we remember and the only way to repay the expense of men." (End)

Journal of American intelligence agencies involved in South Korea Ship events or induced escalation of the conflict

President Lee 19 radio address delivered 39 times. (Yonhap)

US-South Korean intelligence officials talk safety vessel problems began Its Infiltration

Reporter 18, learned that Tian ship sank in the west after the Explorer 16 U.S. intelligence agencies, the National Intelligence Bureau (DNI) to North Korea Copeland has had a secret visit to South Korea.

It is learned that Copeland met with South Korea in Seoul senior intelligence officials, the ship sank Tian toward North Korea before and after the exchange of information, and discussed the response plan.

It is reported that South Korea's intelligence agency Copland met the people concerned, the ship sank around Tian and North Korea about the possibility of concentration of the relevant information.

Diplomatic source said: "Copeland is a popular incumbent director Dennis DNI - Blair (Blair) who trust in the event of an accident after the ship Cheonan, South Korea because of the need for close cooperation with intelligence agencies were sent to South Korea. It is understood that The two sides also discussed the North Korea-US intelligence sharing system between the two countries have re-evaluated. "Copland before and after the visit to South Korea, Japan and neighboring countries also visited.

U.S. origin, Copeland is a woman, in the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as head of Asia and the Far Eastern affairs. It is learned that Copeland had 80 in the last century as a member of U.S. troops came to Korea, so there is a deeper understanding of the dynamic North Korea.

Chosun Ilbo Chinese network

Lee: the truth should be thoroughly investigated the accident without leaving a trace of doubt

Lee: the truth should be thoroughly investigated the accident
Without leaving a trace of doubt

Yonhap in Seoul on March 28 Xinhua
President Lee, sick 28 vigilance on the naval ship sinking, said: "the truth should be thoroughly investigated the accident, without leaving a trace of doubt the contents of an open investigation."

President Lee Myung-bak at Cheong Wa Dae at the Executive meeting on the safety said: "The investigation should consider all possibilities, but the rash to exclude the pre-break, to avoid unnecessary confusion."

Lee said: "At this stage the most important thing is to rescue survivors. Hope that rescue personnel to the last moment, make every effort to rescue the missing persons."

He added: "fully understand the suffering of the families of missing persons feelings, should they open the truth without reservation. At the same time, we must provide all necessary support." "I hope you seriously his duty to prevent unnecessary shake."

In addition, the ship sank in the Tian An investigation of the shipwreck site rescue team (SSU) to 28, morning, body not found the wreckage of ships Tian. (END)

Lee Myung-bak: the truth should be thoroughly investigated the accident without leaving a trace of doubt

President Lee to listen to the report (Yonhap)

Tian ship sank on the third day
Still leaves many questions

Yonhap in Seoul on March 28 Xinhua
Ship sunk in the Tian An accident occurred on the third day of the 28th, the silent process and cause of the accident is still a lot of questions.

All have pointed out that 104 crew members on board ship sentry inexplicable explosion, and within 20 minutes the process of rapid Shen, puzzling.

Cui Yuan Tian a ship captain in order to target the families of missing persons, said the press conference, as a result of powerful explosions, Tian body divided into two halves after the ship sank. The combination of all aspects of that unexplained explosion caused the hole in the hull appeared, eventually led to the sinking ship Cheonan.

Around the cause of the incident, the General Staff Headquarters and the survival of contract claims of those who say, today.

Although the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said there would not rule out the possibility of analysis, but more inclined to view the internal explosion.

They said that the DPRK after the accident, there was no abnormal movement, and we have not received any U.S. troops from a special intelligence about North Korea.

Meanwhile, the incident occurred is located 10-12 km south of the north boundary, when North Korean naval vessels penetrate easily be found, but only about 20 meters water depth, submarines difficult to carry out activities here as well as joint participation in an internal explosion that may occur basis.

The combination of all Division added: "Navy survey ship SSU officials damaged the part of the reason may be that the incident was an internal explosion, or external shocks." "Salvage vessel debris before it can be more sophisticated and scientific analysis." (END)

Lee Myung-bak: the truth should be thoroughly investigated the accident without leaving a trace of doubt

Families of missing persons to the site of the incident (Yonhap)

Lee Myung-bak: the truth should be thoroughly investigated the accident without leaving a trace of doubt

Search and rescue operations from the new Expand (Yonhap)

Tightening of the Korean Peninsula faces the United States depends on China to act

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Tightening of the Korean Peninsula
The United States also depends on China's face to act

Sinking ship in Cheonan, Korea or the Korean peninsula caused the military crisis, the United States thought of intervention, but the fear of China, had to act to see the entire face, said U.S. Assistant Secretary of State will discuss with the Chinese measures.

Tian ship sank U.S. Assistant Secretary of State: to negotiate with China Strategy
U.S. media first to mention Tiananmen ship torpedoed by the possibility of North Korea

U.S. Cable News Network (CNN) Online 26 reported that North Korea Cheonan ship was torpedoed and sank a high possibility.

CNN quoted the same day the U.S. military-related people as saying: "North Korean torpedo attacks, may be the day an explosion sank the biggest ship security reasons." The source added: "The United States believes that Tian ship sank due to underwater explosion, and explosive devices and no direct access to the hull. "

CNN said it and South Korean military officials released the results of the same, but did not give more details. This is the first time U.S. media quoted U.S. officials as saying Cheonan may be due to North Korean ships sank due to torpedoes.

U.S. Department of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Assistant Secretary of State Campbell on the 26th day of the ongoing safety and accident investigation, said the sinking ship, with the Chinese government has carried out consultations, the Chinese government has also expressed deep concern about the tragedy. Campbell said: "China's future course of the investigation will be given close attention. We (U.S. government) called on China to play a responsible role."

The same day, Campbell attended the Asia-Pacific regional issues, the United States think tank, "East-West Center" (East-West
Center) held in Hong Kong's international press conference and a speech he made at a press conference following the above said.

When a reporter's question "in the cause of the accident investigation Tian ship whether the process of consultations with the Chinese Government", the Campbell said after a little hesitation: "Yes. We had consultations with China. We are introduced to the Chinese Government of the United States In the course of the investigation of the role, and that we attach great importance to the work of the investigation and salvage efforts. "

Campbell said: "The Chinese government also took place on the casualties and the tragedy deeply concerned (concern). We (U.S. government) is also proposed (encourage) the Chinese government to play a responsible role. As far as I know, the Chinese government is closely the progress of the future process. "

Campbell on the "If North Korea confirmed the cause of the accident and about whether it would support the case to the UN Security Council," a question, said: "There is close consultation with the South Korean government. But not yet found conclusive evidence." He said: "The United States The Government is deeply involved in the cause of the accident to find conclusive evidence of the work and also other countries in the region to cooperate. "

South Korea today, salvage, "Tian-ship"

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South Korea today, salvage, "Tian-ship"

Yonhap in Seoul on April 15 call at 9 o'clock on the 15th, has been moved to the south side of 1377 m paekyong Department "Tian" to salvage the ship aft started.
Staff will use a large crane at sea, and slowly pulled the aft, followed by drainage, security measures and missing persons search.
According to the military's forecast, from the salvage to the search takes about 11 hours.

9:30, aft began emerging. View of the surface tension, aft surface completely take about 1 hour. Salvage work began after the end of the drainage work in 2 hours and 2 hours of safety measures. From around 4 pm, will formally search the cabin, looking for the missing men's work.
Military officers and soldiers found the bodies will transfer to "Dokdo" destroyers, the use of helicopters transferred to the 2nd Fleet in Pyeongtaek. Military forecast, 44 missing soldiers may have in aft.
After the search and rescue operations, equipped with aft barge started to move to Pyeongtaek 2nd Fleet. Barge speed slower (9-12km), expected at 16:00 on the on the 16th to get around Pyeongtaek Port.

South Korea today, salvage,

9:30, aft beginning to emerge. (Yonhap)

South Korea today, salvage,

Staff on board aft. (Yonhap)