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So back to Expo 40 in Taiwan

So back to Expo 40 in Taiwan

Many people may not know the May 1 opening of the Shanghai World Expo will have 242 countries and regions, international organizations, it is expected that 70 million visits figure 1, has promised this is the largest ever World Expo, and the Olympic Games, World Cup rival powers of the three. During the 184 days of the Shanghai World Expo will give the Chinese official to the world. Taiwan Pavilion will also be after nearly 40 years, since 1970 to participate in post-World Expo in Osaka, Japan, this year is "Landscape heart light" to return to the Expo, the venue for the Taiwan spirit shine again.

China was the first host the World Expo in developing countries, long-term business relationships play a role in Africa has always been occasional visitors, Expo 53 countries of the African continent almost gigs so easily break the Shanghai World Expo in Hannover, Germany Expo 2000, will remain in 177 countries and international organizations participating in the record.

Beijing Olympics showed China's rise, and now China is determined to continue its efforts to make Shanghai World Expo as a platform for showing the strength of China, Shanghai is also looking forward to after this one will, one day, and New York to keep pace.

24 million tickets have been pre-goal by the end of March to complete 93%, price 190 yuan tickets have already sold out opening day, 160 yuan and the daily ordinary votes to 3 times the network has been outcry.

Peak is expected to reach 800 000 visitors a day, good news in the Huangpu River in the World Expo is equivalent to the size of 900 football pitches, is the 2005 World Expo in Aichi, Japan 4 times. Sponsored by Anti-crowded, will be set counseling and emergency medical services.

If any activity is more generous than the Beijing Olympics, attracting at planted in various national and multinational companies millions of dollars in funding for participation, it would definitely be non-Shanghai World Expo.

It really is a money fabricated event, the Chinese government set aside 4.2 billion (NTD 132 billion) fund, 45 billion U.S. dollars in Shanghai more bets
(NT 1.4 trillion) to upgrade public transportation and public facilities, doubling the length to 420 km subway to welcome, and spent 700 million U.S. dollars to re-build the Bund.

Most of the 192 participating countries, millions of dollars invested to build a museum, of which Saudi Arabia's most lavish, spend as much as 146 million U.S. dollars, spaceship-shaped exhibition hall covers an area of 6000 square meters, the museum date palm dressing, and the world largest IMAX 3D cinema screen. Australian museum cost 76 million U.S. dollars, the French Pavilion 68 million U.S. dollars; museum cost 67 million U.S. dollars in Germany, the exhibition will be brought in the German sausage and pig's feet hospitality.

While the Expo site, do not have to worry about getting lost. Up to one kilometer from the main traffic axis "axis Expo", into the ground, two; axis starting from the Expo, you can access different exhibition.

This "one axis", with China Pavilion, Theme Pavilion, Expo Center and Expo cultural center, forming "an axis and four Hall." A traditional form of Chinese Pavilion, Expo Centre, like crystal box, and cultural center of the UFO Expo form, so that echo the tradition and the future. Museum of Shanghai World Expo under the theme "Better City, Better Life" theme museum established five themes: urban museum, city life, museum, city hall planet, the future of urban civilization, city hall and museum.

"The United Evening News"