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U.S. intelligence agencies involved in South Korea Battleship events or escalation of the conflict induced

U.S. intelligence agencies involved in incident Korean Battleship
Or escalation of the conflict induced

South Korea, "Tian" sinking ship, because there is no open, but, no doubt, the United States and South Korea to strengthen intelligence cooperation, the ultimate goal of what is difficult to determine. Is not similar to the 911? Become an excuse for terrorism Korea, which issued escalation of military confrontation between the Korean Peninsula, and even induce conflict? wait and see!

Yonhap, Seoul 19 April Xinhua
President Lee on the 19th through the morning of KBS, MBC, SBS, YTN, MBN and other major television stations, broadcast a speech delivered 39 times, said that as president, to thoroughly investigate the "Tian" causes sunken ship.
He also stressed that the survey results, and unswervingly take decisive measures to ensure that similar incidents will not recur.

Lee said the army should be building up, but powerful military not only needs advanced weapons, but also a strong spiritual force. Now we need most is a strong spiritual force.

Lee mentioned in his speech on January 1, "Tian" officers and men killed in the name of ship, and then said: "You love the motherland will never forget you. Until the reunification of this land to achieve real peace and prosperity for all citizens will once again remember your sacrifice. "

Finally, Lee urged: "We must overcome a heavy blow and hot grief, work together to overcome difficulties. That is what we remember and the only way to repay the expense of men." (End)

Journal of American intelligence agencies involved in South Korea Ship events or induced escalation of the conflict

President Lee 19 radio address delivered 39 times. (Yonhap)

US-South Korean intelligence officials talk safety vessel problems began Its Infiltration

Reporter 18, learned that Tian ship sank in the west after the Explorer 16 U.S. intelligence agencies, the National Intelligence Bureau (DNI) to North Korea Copeland has had a secret visit to South Korea.

It is learned that Copeland met with South Korea in Seoul senior intelligence officials, the ship sank Tian toward North Korea before and after the exchange of information, and discussed the response plan.

It is reported that South Korea's intelligence agency Copland met the people concerned, the ship sank around Tian and North Korea about the possibility of concentration of the relevant information.

Diplomatic source said: "Copeland is a popular incumbent director Dennis DNI - Blair (Blair) who trust in the event of an accident after the ship Cheonan, South Korea because of the need for close cooperation with intelligence agencies were sent to South Korea. It is understood that The two sides also discussed the North Korea-US intelligence sharing system between the two countries have re-evaluated. "Copland before and after the visit to South Korea, Japan and neighboring countries also visited.

U.S. origin, Copeland is a woman, in the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as head of Asia and the Far Eastern affairs. It is learned that Copeland had 80 in the last century as a member of U.S. troops came to Korea, so there is a deeper understanding of the dynamic North Korea.

Chosun Ilbo Chinese network