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Internet users in China to open up the Sea of Japan, said channel on the Korean peninsula will become Chinese territory

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Sea of Japan, China to open up channels
Japanese Internet users said that the Korean peninsula will become Chinese territory

South Korea, "Chosun Ilbo" 9 to "Chinese enterprises have been North Korea's Rajin port of tenancy, to open up the Sea of Japan-channel" as the subject reported that the Chinese government said the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in Jilin Province, and Dalian, a private enterprise get on the DPRK Rajin port 1 Pier 10-year tenure. If this is true, this means that China has opened up the channel leading to the Sea of Japan.
Hong Kong's "2.6 billion" website on the 9th of the article, said North Korea agreed to Rajin Port leased for 10 years in China, this is the first time in 100 years has a direct foothold in the Sea of Japan. In fact, the lease is not just China, North Korean port. South Korea's "Central Daily" 9 that Russia would be allowed to use another terminal 50 years, Sakhalin and Siberia's oil and gas will be exported to neighboring countries through the port.

History of China and Sea of Japan to China's actions are a special concern. 9, according to Yonhap reported that South Korean Foreign Ministry officials Tuesday, said South Korea is closely watching the North Korean moves to the open port of China. Reported that the eastern coast of North Korea opening up ports in terms of significance for China, because China will be the Pacific Ocean, therefore the direct channel. South Korea concerned about the Rajin port Another reason is that these ports contract may weaken, or even contrary to the case of United Nations sanctions. Japan's NHK television station simply report the news. 9, Japan's website, the Japanese Internet users a message, said the Korean Peninsula will soon have a Chinese territory.
Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences researcher, Institute for Frontier Lu Chao accept the "Global Times" reporter, said that China over the Korean port before the lease, it is only an extension to use for 10 years. Leased from the port used in the past situation, the effect is not large, will not achieve what the outside world towards the Sea of Japan to open channels. Professor Xu Wenji Jilin University, also believes that the rent they have a port problem, China has committed more than 20 years. Sea of Japan is not able to open the channel, but the Sea of Japan to open the channel as soon as possible. Jilin Province is engaged in the Tumen River Area Development Project, the premise of the Sea of Japan on the need to open the channel, the closed state of the Yanbian region into the forefront of opening up in order to achieve the economic interaction between the DPRK and Russia with Japan and South Korea situation.